The Mets have made some big moves in the offseason to increase their pitching arsenal. Having lost their long-time ace, Jacob DeGrom, the Mets found a valuable alternative in Justin Verlander. There are still questions to ask about this aging rotation, but will they be able to go a step further this year?

Justin Verlander

Arguably one of the greatest Pitchers of our generation, Verlander has been sensational as he gets older. Verlander won the most recent AL Cy Young award and has reclaimed his spot as one of the most dominant players in Major League Baseball.

At the age of 40, is this still a good move for the Mets? Steve Cohen gave the former Houston ace a contract for two years worth 86.7 million dollars. The massive deal will see the Verlander play till the age of 42. It should be interesting to see whether or not he can still perform at such a high level.

This will surely be a tougher challenge than to play for the Astros. The Mets need a lot to get it together in a tough NL East.

Max Scherzer

Scherzer looks to have another great pitching season. After pitching a 2.29 ERA last year at the age of 38 is quite impressive. Mad Max has been an injury-prone player, but his prior experience and knowledge of the game will enable him to be a leader for this Mets team.

Back in 2021, Scherzer signed a 3-year deal with the Mets for $130 million.

Edwin Diaz

Diaz signed a new deal this past offseason to make him the highest-paid reliever in MLB history. Diaz signed a contract for $102 million over 5 years. Diaz proved to be the best closer in Baseball during the 2022 season.

The sad part now is that Diaz will not be able to play this season after injuring himself while celebrating Puerto Rico’s last World Baseball Classic game. Rumors are that the Mets will be reimbursed for Diaz’s 2023 salary by the MLB under an insurance policy for players who will miss a whole season.

His absence will be a huge blow for the Mets and costly for them every night. Diaz was a strong foundation for this team and helped them have a successful season last year.

Kodai Senga

The Japanese Pitcher will be making his MLB debut this coming season. He was signed after being on the radar for many MLB teams; he should be able to fit into this bullpen of diverse pitchers. Senga has been super solid in the Japanese Baseball league. He has successfully won five championships in the Japanese League.

What’s most impressive about his time playing in Japan is that during that whole time, he pretty much has always averaged under a 3.00 ERA. It should be really interesting to see how he fairs in the MLB this coming season.

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