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Hoyer Speaks, Ricketts Writes

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The end of season press conference was once again a bit disappointing for the Cubs. No real plans were announced, but hopefully next year’s message is more encouraging.

The Chicago Cubs have a tradition at the end of each baseball season, and it’s one that can be found with most franchises in the league. The top executives and coaches meet with the media to go over the season, and Jed Hoyer always gives a long message.

When the Cubs were winning games, Tom Ricketts wasn’t afraid to get behind a microphone and give his take on the previous season as well. That hasn’t been the case as well, but Ricketts did send out an email to Cubs fans.

This end-of-year speech came much earlier than Cubs fans would like, but it came right as expected. The Cubs were never going to be a contender in 2022, and their season came to an end after just 162 games.

After watching the St. Louis Cardinals flame out early in the 2022 MLB Playoffs, the Cubs have to feel like they missed out on a chance. The theme of the press conference was on future success, but no one can predict just how quickly the “future” will arrive.

Hoyer Will Spend Wisely

Perhaps one of the biggest pieces of news from the press conference was his confirmation that the Cubs will obviously offer Willson Contreras a qualifying offer. Contreras could then accept that one-year deal, or the Cubs would at least receive compensation if he signs with a new team.

Hoyer also spoke about the upcoming free agency period, and he once again made it clear that he would spend intelligently. That could be taken many different ways, but it does seem like he now has more money at his disposal to go chase the best players.

Shortstop is one position that could be upgraded, and Hoyer announced that Nico Hoerner would be willing to move off of that position. Hoyer also spoke highly about the work that David Ross and the rest of the coaches did with this team, but it wasn’t confirmed that all of them would be back next season.

Ricketts Doesn’t Get It

As expected, owner Tom Ricketts let Hoyer get up and face the media while he was nowhere to be found. Ricketts didn’t completely hide as soon as the season was over, though, as he found time to pen a letter to Cubs fans throughout the world.

It’s almost as if Tom Ricketts has no idea just how many fans are upset with him for his lack of spending in recent years. Ricketts thanked Cubs fans for all of the support during the 2022 season, and promised to build another winner in the future.

When Ricketts was able to purchase the team, he was on a mission to deliver a World Series championship with the Cubs. The fans would prefer that Ricketts stop sending emails and starts to pour all of his energy into building another champion.

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