Ideal Landing Spots: Trevor Story, the shortstop for the Colorado Rockies will most likely be traded by the trade deadline this year as he will be entering free agency after this season. The Rockies are in last place in the NL West with a 12-23 and are 9.5 games behind first place.

The organization is in rebuild mode after the management dealt the face of the franchise, Nolan Arenado to the Saint Louis Cardinals for a very underwhelming return to say the very least.

The Rockies also included a ton of cash which was very surprising. Trevor Story is currently batting .278 with 4 home runs.

He is a 2x All-Star, Silver Slugger, and has improved his defense tremendously over the years. He will certainly generate a lot of interest from a few contenders in the league.


The New York Yankees need starting pitching more than a position player. Most scouts around the league believe that Gleyber Torres is better suited to be a second baseman for his career as his defense isn’t his main weapon.

The Yankees could also possibly put Torres in a deal as top prospect Jasson Dominguez is deemed untouchable for a possible rental but will most likely get an extension once traded.

Torres has been underwhelming for the Yankees last season and the start of this season. However, he did have a strong 2019 season where he had a .278 batting average with 38 home runs.

The Yankees also have a lot of prospects to choose from as former teammate of Story, DJ LeMahieu can shift and play first base.


The Oakland Athletics do not have a strong farm system as the team does not have the leverage in most trade deals because they do not have the money to keep most of their stars long-term. The organization currently has the 26th best farm system but could possibly get a good deal with the Rockies as it will most likely be a rental.

The Athletics have the best record in the AL West and the organization does not shy away from trading prospects when making a playoff push. Elvis Andrus and Vimael Machín have combined for a .397 OPS, which is the lowest for any duo in the league.


The Cincinnati Reds have a good offensive team on paper. The team has the fifth-best batting average, second-best slugging percentage, and are fourth in home runs in the league. The team is slightly below .500 and will most likely make a push for a Wildcard spot.

The Reds have a very versatile group of players and can trade to get other assets or shift players around the baseball field. Eugenio Suárez has been struggling with the bat with a .146 batting average while posting a .543 OPS. The Reds have a record that is slightly below .500 in a division that is still up for grabs.


The Milwaukee Brewers have been dealing with Christian Yelich being put on IL. Keston Huira and Jackie Bradley Jr. have underperformed this season and could use a bat to help bring back the offense. However, the Brewers have a very weak farm system which currently ranks 28th in the league.

The race for the division will be tight down the stretch and getting an asset like Trevor Story will help the team make a push for the playoffs. The Brewers have a strong pitching staff but have one of the worst offenses in the league.

It will interesting to see where Trevor Story lands. Teams that miss out on Story may go after Javier Baez or Carlos Correa.

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