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Injuries Piling Up For MLB Prospects

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Injuries continue to pile up for the Cubs’ prospects, especially to some big names. Read the article to find out why that will impact the offseason plans for Chicago.

By the end of the MLB 2022 season, there was some real momentum behind the Chicago Cubs and the future direction of this franchise. Some of that momentum is starting to go away, one injury at a time.

The most recent tough blow for a top MLB prospect came last week when Alexander Canario was injured on a routine ground ball to first base. Video of the injury quickly surfaced, and it was evident that this wasn’t just some routine injury.

Canario has already undergone surgery after breaking the foot in two places, and the timeline does not look good. He will be out for at least six months, and there is a possibility that he will never be able to play high-level baseball again.

Brennen Davis got off to a big start in the Arizona Fall League, but he was then forced to miss some games due to back tightness. Davis had back surgery in 2022, and it is starting to feel like he is never going to live up to the hype.

Ed Howard continues to try and rehab his way back from hip surgery, but there is no guarantee that he will regain his form either. Hopefully, the other top prospects are able to get through winter ball without any major injuries.

The Problem With Prospects

Building up the farm system is an important part of any successful MLB franchise, but it’s not an exact science. The Cubs have some terrific talent down in the Minor Leagues, but it’s never a guarantee that any of the prospects are going to hit and stick with the Cubs.

There is also a risk of injury throughout the development of a prospect, which the Cubs have been dealing with a ton lately. It’s always fun following the path of a prospect, but it would be better to have successful players at the Major League level.

There are still plenty of talented prospects at the Minor League level, but the Cubs can’t afford to continue to have injuries to some of their players.

Be Ready to Say Goodbye

As more and more rumors start to circulate surrounding MLB free agency, it appears as if the Cubs are going to have to try and win a MLB bidding war. The free-agent class of shortstops is one of the best in recent memory, but every team in the league knows that.

If Jed Hoyer is going to improve this roster in the offseason, then it might be easier to do via trade. It’s no secret that the Cubs have plenty of good prospects that other teams might want, and some of them might get put into a package this offseason.

These MLB injuries to some of the other prospects make it hard to let others go, but it’s something that has to be done. If Hoyer is able to get back a superstar talent, then Cubs fans should be prepared to say bye to some of the young superstars.

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