The International Signing Day in major league baseball is a big deal. It used to be held on July 2nd every year but nothing stays the same any more, Now the big day is January 15th. Let’ take a look at a few interesting signings. Afterall, players like Ronald Acuna Jr.,Fernando Tatis Jr., Eloy Jimenez, Wander Franco. Cristian Pachea nd numerous others came to the big leagues through the international signing route. There are hundreds of prospects signed during the period who are developing in the Minor Leagues and others that will be packaged in trades.

International Signing Top Signees

International Signing

Yoenis and Yoelqui Cespedes

Yoelqui Cespedes is the half-brother to Yoenis Cespedes and was signed  #1 by the Chicago White Sox to a $2.05 million bonus. He is expected to likely be the best player in this international  signing day and is a plus player with five tools. He is a Cuban National Team defector while playing in 2019 in the Can-Am League. He played for Cuba in the World Baseball Classic and Caribbean Series.

International Signing Day- Red Sox Nab 16 year old form Dominican Republic

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The International signing day has come and gone and the Boston Red Sox came away with a young phenom named Miguel Bleis from the Dominican Republic. Source indicate he was inked for $1.5 million. He  has many tools beginning with the bat that shows him to have plenty of power and is a gap hitter that can connect on the long ball. Scouts say he has a good recognition of the strike zone.

On the defensive side the Red Sox find a strong arm  center fielder with accuracy. Also, he is listed as a good runner and has base path awareness. Bleis is listed as 6-foot-3 and 175 pounds at 16 yrs-old.The 6-foot-3, 175-pound teenager has a projectable body combined with a mixture of potential plus tools.

Boston has $5,348,100 of bonus pool money to dole out. According to a newer MLB agreement international pool money is still NOT being allowed to be traded.

International Signing Top 30

2) Oscar Colas, LHP/OF, Cuba — TBD
3) Wilman Diaz, SS, Venezuela – Dodgers ($2,697,500)
4) Carlos Colmenarez, SS, Venezuela – Rays ($3,000,000)
5) Armando Cruz, SS, Dominican Republic – Nationals ($3,900,000)
6) Cristian Hernandez, SS, Dominican Republic – Cubs ($3,000,000)
7) Pedro Leon, OF, Cuba – Astros ($4,000,000)
8) Jesus Galiz, C, Venezuela – Dodgers ($812,500)
9) Rickardo Perez, C, Venezuela – Phillies ($1,000,000)
10) Yiddi Cappe, SS, Cuba – Marlins ($3,500,000)
11) Shalin Polanco, OF, Dominican Republic – Pirates ($2,350,000)
12) Daniel Vazquez, SS, Dominican Republic – Royals ($1,500,000)
13) Pedro Pineda, OF, Dominican Republic – Athletics ($2,500,000)
14) Cristian Santana, SS, Dominican Republic – Tigers ($2,975,000)
15) Norge Vera, RHP, Cuba – White Sox ($1,500,000)
16) Danny De Andrade, SS, Venezuela – Twins ($2,200,000)
17) Jhonny Piron, OF, Dominican Republic – Rays (1,825,000)
18) Jackson Chourio, SS, Venezuela – Brewers ($1,800,000)
19) Victor Acosta, SS, Dominican Republic – Padres ($1,800,000)
20) Dyan Jorge, SS, Cuba – TBD
21) Miguel Bleis, OF, Dominican Republic – Red Sox ($1,500,000)
22) Diego Velasquez, SS, Venezuela – Giants ($1,000,000)
23) Angel Genao, SS, Dominican Republic – Indians ($1,175,000)
24) Manuel Beltre, SS, Dominican Republic – Blue Jays ($2,350,000)
25) Fran Alduey, SS, Dominican Republic – Indians ($1,200,000)
26) Ariel Almonte, OF, Dominican Republic – Reds ($1,850,000)
27) Abel Bastidas, SS, Venezuela – Tigers ($1,175,000)
28) Fredy LaFlor, SS, Dominican Republic – Twins ($1,100,000)
29) Denzer Guzman, SS, Dominican Republic – Angels ($2,000,000)
30) Maikol Hernandez, SS, Venezuela – Orioles ($1,200,000)


International Signing Allottment

$6,431,000: Cincinnati, Detroit, Miami, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Tampa Bay

$5,889,600: Arizona, Baltimore, Cleveland, Colorado, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, San Diego, St. Louis

$5,348,100: Boston, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Houston, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, Oakland, Seattle, San Francisco, Texas, Toronto, Washington

$4,732,700: Los Angeles Angels, Philadelphia

$4,232,700: New York Yankees

$1,572,000: Atlanta

International Signing- Team by Team

Rich Del Rosario, OF, Dominican Republic — $300,000

Blue Jays
Luis Garcia, SS, Venezuela — $520,000
Jhonatan Peguero, C, Dominican Republic — $400,000
Yhoangel Aponte, CF, Venezuela — $360,000
Yeuni Munoz, OF, Dominican Republic — $315,000

Ambioris Tavarez, SS, Dominican Republic — $1,500,000

Daniel Guilarte, SS, Venezuela — $1,000,000
Hendry Mendez, OF, Dominican Republic — $735,000

Leonardo Bernal, C, Panama — $680,000
Elias Reynosa, SS, Dominican Republic — $575,000
Carlos Carmona, CF, Venezuela — $350,000
Christian Avendano, CF, Venezuela — $300,000
Samil De La Rosa, SS, Dominican Republic — $300,000

Rayne Doncon, SS, Dominican Republic — $497,500

Robert Lopez, C, Venezuela — $1,000,000
Richard Polanco, SS, Dominican Republic — $530,000
Yefrii Rivera, SS, Dominican Republic — $500,000

Kevin Guerrero, OF, Dominican Republic — $600,000
Ronald Hernandez, C, Venezuela — $850,000
Edward Duran, C, Venezuela — $450,000

Diego Mosquera, SS, Venezuela — $400,000
Samuel Camacaro, SS, Venezuela — $330,000

Gustavo Rivas, RHP, Venezuela — $450,000

Victor Celedonio, SS, Dominican Republic — $360,000

Samuel Zavala, OF, Venezuela — $1,200,000
Daniel Montesino, OF, Venezuela — $1,000,000
Bradgley Rodriguez, RHP, Venezuela –$370,000

Yemal Flores, OF, Dominican Republic — $1,300,000
Marco Soto, SS, Venezuela — $375,000
Leonardo Rondon, SS, Venezuela — $350,000
Raylin Heredia, OF, Dominican Republic — $300,000

Jose Garces, RHP, Colombia — $350,000
Rubel Lebron, SS, Dominican Republic — $350,000
John Zorrilla, SS, Dominican Republic — $450,000

Luis Ariza, SS, Venezuela — $430,000

Malvin Valdez, OF, Dominican Republic — $1,900,000
Luis Reyes, SS, Venezuela — $680,000
Brayan Rijo, OF, Dominican Republic — $750,000
Carlos Jorge, SS, Dominican Republic — $495,000

Red Sox
Enderso Lira, C, Venezuela — $850,000
Luis Ravelo, SS, Dominican Republic — $545,000
Jedixon Paez, RHP, Venezuela — $450,000
Ahbram Liendo, IF, Venezuela — $450,000
Alvaro Mejias, RHP, Venezuela — $300,000

Jordy Vargas, RHP, Dominican Republic — $500,000
Jose Colina, SS, Venezuela — $300,000
Luis Paredes, CF, Dominican Republic — $300,000

Diego Guzman, SS, Venezuela — $447,500

Carlos Pelegrin, OF, Cuba — $550,000

Rafael Cruz, SS, Dominican Republic — $500,000
Reynaldo Madrigal, OF, Dominican Republic — $400,000
Luis Rodriguez, SS, Dominican Republic — $360,000
Andres Centeno, OF, Venezuela — $300,000


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