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It’ Not Exactly the Midas Touch but it is Goldschmidt

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It’s official. The Cardinals acquired Paul Goldschmidt from the Diamondbacks for catcher Carson Kelly, pitcher Luke Weaver, and prospect Andy Young.

Let’s look into this.

The Cardinals gave up five years of Carson Kelly contract but he was stalled behind Yadier Molina for at least two more years. Look for Andrew Knizner to be the backup or a free agent signed,

Gone is pitcher Luke Weaver who had 50 major league starts but just couldn’t get over the hump. He wouldn’t/couldn’t seem to develop a third pitch that translates into the major leagues. He was likely not in the rotation for next year.

Andy Young had a good Arizona Fall League season as he batted .301 for his team and was making the way up the ladder. He wasn’t going to be the third baseman of the future as super prospects Elehuris Montero and Nolan Gorman are in line for the bigs.

Then there is a competitive balance pick given up.

Paul Goldschmidt comes to the team with a great reputation as a clubhouse guy that is a perennial All-Star and a good glove but with one year left on his contract. That is a concern.

Now they are talking about moving Carpenter to third. That is not a good thing but if we are going to keep him, that is the place to go.

Look for more action this off-season from the Cardinals!

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