The Chicago Cubs will be hosting the Kansas City Royals to play their first game of the four-game series on Monday, August 3.

Kansas City Royals

Having a disappointing season so far, the Kansas City Royals are last in the American League Central table, with a record 3-7. They lost to the Cleveland Indians 2-1, tied 2-2 against the Detroit Tigers, and lost all their games to the Chicago White Sox. They had their worst loss of the season on Saturday, August 1, against the White Sox, losing 11-5.

The Royals are leading the league in errors, and the whole team seems to be struggling mentally and having some focus issues. Nicky Lopez was forced out of the game on Saturday after getting spiked when his teammate failed to field a groundball cleanly.

Players were throwing bad passes and failed to catch the ball. They struggled offensively as they were not able to score any runs for a significant period of time.

They had a rather quiet offseason, with only one signification signing of third baseman Maikel Franco. They also brought All-Star outfielder Alex Gordon and young players like pitcher Chance Adams from the Yankees and pitcher Stephen Woods from the Rays. However, the new signings did not turn anything around.

Against the Cubs, the Royals will need to recover and rebuild their mentality as the Cubs are doing exceptionally well this season. Outfielder Whit Merrifield is the only player that is doing good on the team, so the team should try to win games and play around him. Also, Alex Gordon should lead the team, ensuring everyone is stable and in pace during the game.

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are having a great start as they are on top of the National League Central table with a 7-2 record. They have won all of their series games against the Milwaukee Brewers, Cincinnati Reds, and sweeping against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Their batsmen, Contreras, Baez, Rizzo, and Bryant, have been contributing a lot to the team in their offense. Kyle Schwarber, who led the team in home runs last season, has been consistent and a trustworthy teammate.

The only concern they had when the season started was the missing of Nicholas Castellanos. He was the best outfielder in the team but left to Cincinnati. Nevertheless, Ian Miller filled in the void.

Unlike last season, the Cubs’ defense looks strong and steady. They collected 118 errors last season, which was the second-most in the league and third-lowest fielding percentage. However, they have been making fewer errors and showed significant improvement in their infield with Kris Bryant and David Bote.


On Monday, the Chicago Cubs will beat the Kansas City Royals. If the Royals continue to suffer mentally and have focus issues, they will have a blowout loss against the Cubs.

The Royals will miss three players for this game. Keller and Junis, due to the coronavirus and Montgomery due to a lat strain injury that he suffered last week. Their rotation is not looking too good.

If the Cubs continue to play like they did for the past few days, they will have an easy win against the Royals.