The Chicago Cubs are hosting the San Francisco Giants this weekend at Wrigley Field, but Kris Bryant has had all of the attention of Cubs fans. Bryant did not play in the final game at Wrigley before being traded to San Francisco, and fans never got to say goodbye.

Bryant and the Cubs have both insisted that they will discuss a possible deal this offseason, but signing the former MVP was always going to be a challenge. Kris Bryant wants to continue playing for a winner, and he isn’t going to have that luxury in Chicago.

The Cubs honored Bryant with a video tribute on Friday afternoon, and also awarded him some gifts that had some significance. The fans showered Bryant with love all weekend long, and that was to be expected.

Bryant was clearly emotional during the video tribute, and that is a side of Bryant that most Cubs fans have never seen before. It was a touching moment on Friday afternoon, but it also felt like the final goodbye from the Cubs.

Bryant will have a number of suitors this offseason, and the Giants will be one of them. This weekend celebration for Bryant didn’t feel like a recruiting pitch, but rather as a way for the Cubs to say one finally goodbye to a franchise legend.

Baez/Rizzo Next

Javier Baez and Anthony Rizzo were on the same field together this weekend, but they were members of opposing teams. Baez and Rizzo embraced in a hug on Friday night in another image that is hard to look at for Cubs fans.

These two players also never really got a magical sendoff from Cubs fans, but the schedule doesn’t work out for them to visit Wrigley Field this season. Both Baez and Rizzo will be back in Chicago at some point, and the reception for these two stars will likely be the same.

Baez is a player that has been pretty open about returning to the Cubs at the end of the season, and he will likely be an option in Chicago. The fanbase in New York has not yet accepted the Baez “package,” and it could allow El Mago to return to the Cubs for 2022 and beyond.

No Hard Feelings

Even though Kris Bryant was known as the quietest member of the Cubs core, he was always great about knowing exactly what to say. He handled the trade rumors tremendously over the last few seasons, and he continues to say all of the right things.

He spoke to reporters this weekend and insisted that there were no hard feeling towards the Cubs, and he spoke glowingly about his time in Chicago. Bryant even went as far as saying “Chicago will always be home.

Fans of the Cubs should take the same approach to the breakup that took place this past July and only focus on the terrific memories and moments. If Bryant is able to do that then fans that have nothing to do with the actual team should have those same feelings as well.

Losing the core hurt, but reliving the magic from that 2016 season and the other moments as well will help to lessen the sting.