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Latest Look at Cubs Offseason Rumors

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The action in the 2022 MLB offseason has been slow of late, but it will pick up. Read to find out some of the latest rumors surrounding the Chicago Cubs.

At some point the Chicago Cubs are going to start signing some free agents, but it doesn’t appear that anything is imminent at this point. The Cubs continue to be attached to all of the top shortstop options, but so does about half of MLB.

Most of the recent rumors surrounding the Cubs focus on starting pitching, including the biggest name on the market. Jacob DeGrom is still out there, and there are some rumblings that he might end up in the Windy City.

In the latest rumor surrounding DeGrom, the Cubs were among the list of five teams that were showing the most interest in the superstar. This group also included other big market teams, including both the New York Mets and Yankees.

If the Cubs are looking to sign DeGrom then they are going to have to spend close to $40 million per season to land him. Other teams might be trying to land him on a longer deal, but the Cubs have the money to spend for a shorter deal, with a much higher AAV.

There are still plenty of other starting pitchers out there as well, including previous target Carlos Rodon. One thing is clear; the Cubs have to improve the rotation before the 2023 season begins.

Extensions Coming for Young Stars

The Cubs are not only trying to make deals with players on the free agent market, but they are also looking at some moves with players on the current roster. Chicago failed to extend any of the players from the previous core, but they could be looking to get it done right now.

Nico Hoerner and Ian Happ are the two main targets, and it’s hard to argue against giving any of those players an extension. Hoerner turned into a great middle of the infield player for the Cubs, and Happ won a Gold Glove and was an All Star in 2022.

One nice thing about signing players to an extension is that it typically is cost-efficient and helps to fill out the roster moving forward.

Bellinger is On the Market

It’s not very often that a former MVP is non-tendered a contract by a team, especially only a couple of years after winning that award. That is exactly what happened with the Los Angeles Dodgers and former superstar Cody Bellinger.

Bellinger has battled injuries over the last few years, and he has also struggled to be as productive as he was during his MVP season. Still, he is one of the better center fielders in baseball and a player that the Cubs are going to seriously take a look at.

The Dodgers are also expected to look at bringing Bellinger back, and other teams are interested as well. Bellinger is not going to be a player that will put the Cubs over the top, but he has to be given a look.

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