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Love it or Hate it, the Houston Astros Have Established a Dynasty

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The Astros recently defeated the Red Sox in the ALCS to advance to the Fall Classic for the third time in five seasons. Read this article to learn more about Houston and the current dynasty they have established.

To put it lightly, the Houston Astros organization has not exactly been the most beloved franchise in Major League Baseball over the past few seasons. When news broke of their sign stealing scandal a couple of years ago, many fans developed a hatred for the Astros, and understandably so. However, Houston once again proved that they don’t need to cheat to be good with their recent ALCS clinching victory over the Red Sox.  

The Astros are headed to the World Series for the third time in five years and love it or hate it, we are witnessing one of the more impressive dynasties of all-time. 

The Core

The Astros core of Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, and Alex Bregman have all continued to play excellent baseball throughout the years, and continue to be key catalysts for this 2021 Astros team. All three are slowly building Hall of Fame resumes and will be remembered as three of the best Astros ever despite the scandal. 

However, Correa is set to enter free agency this offseason so this might be the final time we see all three superstars in the same uniform, so Houston would love to cap off their time together with a second World Series championship. 

What is this Team’s Legacy?

If the Astros are able to win the 2021 World Series, that would be two championships in five seasons. In baseball, winning at that kind of rate is extremely rare. While we have seen certain dynasties string together multiple championships in a short time frame, World Series victories are typically spread out. 

Many fans and people around the sports world tend to remember the 2017 championship with an asterisk next to it for Houston, so a World Series win this year would give them a clean championship as well.

Ever since Dusty Baker took over the daunting task of managing the Astros following news of their scandal, the team has steadily improved. Young sluggers such as Kyle Tucker and Yordan Alvarez have developed into superstars, and they have seen Lance McCullers JR. and Framber Valdez become key pieces of their pitching rotation. 

In the end, this current Astros team will always be remembered for being at the forefront of the sign stealing scandal. Altuve, Bregman, and Correa will always have that reputation as long as they play the game of baseball. But Houston has done exactly what they needed to do.

Instead of crumbling under pressure and letting the boo’s and taunts get to them, the Astros just keep on winning.

There is no better way to silence your critics than to win. The Astros are a dynasty, and it will be interesting to see how much more winning they can accomplish in the foreseeable future. 

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