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Macon Bacon Baseball

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College baseball players use their offseasons to play in collegiate summer leagues. The Macon Bacon in the Coastal Plains League help make this possible.

College players throughout America spend their summers playing in leagues all across the country, with one of the most famous leagues being the Coastal Plains League in the Southeast.

Everyone knows of the Savannah Bananas in the CPL, but what about the Macon Bacon? They are a collegiate summer league team in Macon, Georgia. Similarly to other teams in the league, the Bacon prioritizes entertainment first and foremost.

The Bacon’s mascot is named Kevin Bacon, who unironically loves the movie Footloose. His favorite song is also Footloose. The actor himself Kevin Bacon is a big fan of the organization.

This league features a lot other fun team names such as the Tri-City Chili Peppers, Asheboro Zookeepers and Lexington County Blowfish. Everything about this league is about having fun.

The season is young, but the Bacon are now 5-1 as they look to dethrone the world-renowned Savannah Bananas. The Bananas are the villain in the CPL, but they really did help popularize the league for other teams like the Bacon.

Entertainment > Baseball

Players use this summer experience to play baseball, but they play for these teams knowing that the fans may not even be there to watch them. Games feature a classic, nine-inning game of baseball, but the second three outs are called, the fun begins with many fun and creative skits involving players and fans.

Skits range from baby races, players doing karaoke, stadium sing-offs and tug-of-war. Tickets are cheap and feature all-you-can-eat and special guests like Waffle House having a stand at games. Some fans come for the game of baseball, but the reason the crowd sells out is for the entertainment value.

“When you come to a Bacon game, we want it to be entertainment, with a side of baseball,” Manager of Marketing & Digital Media Ty Van Duyn said. “We want to put on an entertaining show, no matter what is happening on the diamond.”

Everybody knows about “Banana Ball” but “Bacon Ball” and the rest of the teams in the CPL deserve more credit. These college baseball players are spending their summer improving at their craft so they can return to their schools a better player, but at the same time they are putting on an entertaining show for thousands of fans.

Luther Williams Field

The Macon Bacon play their home games at Luther Williams Field in Macon, GA. Luther Williams Field, also known as “The Skillet” is the second oldest minor league stadium in all of America and certainly has a lot of history behind it.

Jackie Robinson, Pete Rose, Hank Aaron, Tony Perez, Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones and Vince Coleman are a list of names who have played at this stadium. On top of that, many films such as 42 the Jackie Robinson Story and Trouble with the Curve were filmed here.

You can feel the history when you walk into the stadium, and the second you walk in the show begins. From the crazy bacon themed menu items, to the classic popcorn and peanuts, there is something for everybody at a Macon Bacon baseball game.

At the end of the day, it is just college baseball players trying to get better playing the sport they love. There just so happens to be a demand to watch these players are they develop their games.

As they say down in Macon, it is much more than just baseball.

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