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Links to Major League Game Notes for Every Team

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Are you interested in finding out information about each team and how they fare against the other teams? One way to do that is to read the Game Notes that each major league team produces before the game. It is the same information that the broadcasters use in their game.

Some teams are quicker about putting them out than others. Here are the links to each teams notes.

AL East           AL Central            AL West

Baltimore         Chicago                Houston

Boston             Cleveland             LA Angels

NYYankees      Detroit                  Oakland

Tampa Bay       Kansas City         Seattle

Toronto             Minnesota            Texas



NL East            NL Central           NL West

 Atlanta               ChiCubs               Arizona

Miami                  Cincinnati            Colorado

NYMets               Milwaukee           LADodgers

Philadelphia        Pittsburgh            San Diego

Washington         St. Louis              San Francisco


Some teams produced PostGame Notes. To find those go to the website of the team, click on news and wait for the menu bar to pop up and look at all the choices you have.


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