Mets vs Yankees Pick | A Rivalry for the Ages

Yankee Stadium will host the first subway series of the 2021 MLB season as fans of both the Yankees and Mets organizations come together in rooting for their selected team. While the Yankees compete in the American League and Mets play in the National League, the two teams come together for an inter-league series each year to determine who gets the bragging rights in New York.

It’s not too often that the Mets enter the subway series with the upper hand on the Yankees. The Mets currently lead the NL East standings with an overall record of 41-36 and ahead of the Nationals by two games. On the other hand, the Bronx Bombers trail the Red Sox by a whopping nine games and are currently in 4th place in the AL East with a 41-39 record.

Directly competing against one another in just one series throughout the season means the Yankees and Mets aren’t too familiar with each other on the field. The Yankees don’t approach this series with the mindset that the Red Sox are on the other side of the diamond. It goes the same way for the Mets as a series against the Yankees is by no means equivalent to the way the Mets approach a series against the Nationals or Phillies, teams they run into quite often playing in the same division.

The Real Rivalry

While a rivalry may not coexist on the field, it certainly does in the bleachers. Any two teams competing out of the same state will bring one thing to their highly anticipated matchup: bragging rights. The real winners of the subway series aren’t the two teams being featured, but rather the fans of the winning team.

  • Yankees win? Yankees fans have the right to talk about their series win over the Mets at any given time.
  • Mets win? Mets fans have the right to talk about their series win over the Yankees at any given time.

The common sports fan is most likely aware of the fact that the New York Yankees possess one of the most successful franchises in sports history. Winning 27 World Series championships, Yankees fans have had real estate in Mets fans minds for several decades now. Any Yankee fan would be pleased to inform you the Mets are “the other New York team.”

Rightfully so, this creates a bit of fire for Mets fans and plays a part in stirring the pot. Mets fans have resorted to saying the Yankees buy their championships as they have among the highest revenues in all of baseball. But, there’s nothing Mets fans naturally hate more than a conceited Yankees fan.

Rivalry Preview

While the subway series goes down as a home game for the Yankees, it’s key to consider the audience should be pretty well balanced. Nevertheless, this is a home game for both the Yankees and Mets.

I anticipate for history to repeat itself and Yankees fans holding the bragging rights over fellow Mets fans. Regardless of how well the Mets play throughout the season, the Yankees will always outperform the Mets and get the best of them when they do come across each other.

Mets vs Yankees Jacob deGrom

Unfortunately, the Mets will not be sending out their ace deGrom in any of the three games against the Yankees. However, the Yankees will be starting their own ace Gerrit Cole, who has noticeably been struggling since the MLB began enforcing the sticky substance rule.

While the Yankees may not sweep, they should be able to comfortably grab a couple wins against their state rival. The Bronx Bombers need to make a run if they want any shot of capturing the AL East. What better team to start that run on than the team across the street?

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