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Midway MLB Season Check

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The MLB season is midway through and I’m ready to check this to see where teams have landed. Read for a rundown of the season so far.

It’s almost the midway point in the MLB season and I’m ready to check this to see where teams have landed statistically. The New York Yankees are still leading the pack. The Yankees have a 56-20. This record is impressive,especially considering the Yankees have maintained a 34-9 home record. It’s safe to say the Yankees protect home field.

The Toronto Blue Jays are in second place in the American League East this MLB season. Currently, they hold a record of 42-32. The Yankees recently competed against the Toronto Blue Jays in a series. This series ended with the Yankees on top and the blue jays securing 2nd Place In the American League East. Leading the Yankees is Aaron Judge Who will be an All-Star this season for the New York Yankees.

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Taking a Look at the MLB Season for National League East

The New York Mets continue to represent New York City standing at the number one spot. The Mets have a record of 47-29 and are the team to beat in the East. This is good news considering the New York Mets adversity they had to face regarding injuries to their players Early in the season. Nobody would have predicted them it’s to be leading the National League East Midway through the season.

Red Sox in 2nd place

The Boston Red Sox have been in competition with the New York Yankees since the start of baseball. The Boston Red Sox are currently in second place in the American League East and have a record of 43- 33. They have some catching up to do with the New York Yankees sizable lead in the American League East but this team is a very talented team it has the potential to win a championship this season.

In the National League West, the LA Dodgers are destroying the competition. The LA Dodgers are currently 45-28 and have made their case for potential championship contenders. The LA Dodgers are currently in a series with the Padres after completing a series against the rockets. Freddie Freeman and Mookie Betts lead the charge in the Dodgers efforts.

American League Sleepers

American League West has a sleeper team in the Astros who is currently 47 -27. I’m a big fan of the Houston Astros and believe they have potential to make when a championship this season. The Astros are a consistent team and prove their ability to perform at a high level.

I want to discuss the American League Central As the twins have been dominating the competition. The twins are currently 43-35. The problem with the Twins is they aren’t as good at home as they are on the road. When this team gets to traveling they become unraveled and make bad decisions.

Cardinals’ Bright Future

One team I’ve been very impressed with the season is the Cardinals. The Cardinals are in the National League Central and have a record of 43-35. This team may not have the best record in the MLB, but they definitely have young talent, and in the future I see them making large strides to a championship.

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