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Minor League Baseball Just Secured A Major Win

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Major League Baseball is requiring all of the MLB teams to provide housing for the players in their minor league systems. Read this article to see the reasons Mitch believes this to be a good idea for baseball moving forward.

It was recently announced that Major League baseball will begin to require hosing for all minor league players starting in 2022.

Minor League baseball players from all over the country have been quite vocal about their housing and living situations with their ballclubs. Some were positive, but others were negative.

Since the recent pandemic, the financials have been at the forefront of the impact from owners, managers, and players all across Minor League Baseball. This plan helps put a priority with those finances into helping out the players and staff of these minor league franchises.

This change will not only help potential major league ballplayers but provide opportunities for lower league franchises to grow within their communities. If these minor league franchises can continue to put money into their players, their players will feel better, be better, and perform better on the field.

It is about time Minor League Baseball gets with the times when it comes to their long-term farm system development off of the field.

Physical Benefit

It has come out that minor league baseball players have slept in ever-changing hotels, cramped apartments, and even their own personal cars at the stadium.

If Major League Baseball truly wants to invest in the long-term plan of their sport, they must start with the minor leagues. Providing housing for their players will keep their physical ability at peak performance throughout their season. More franchises and management can keep tabs on a player’s living situation and their off-field tendencies which will ultimately help in their long-term development for the big league club.

It will also bring a sense of professionalism to these low-level clubs that will help the players be more physically fit. They will not have to worry about their living situation and can focus on their baseball development.

Mental Benefit

More recently than ever, sports have begun to focus a huge amount on their athletes’ mental performance. What most people don’t realize is that an athlete’s mental stability starts off the field.

If a player is constantly moving from place to place, sleeping on air mattresses, or even sleeping in their own vehicles just to be able to compete for a spot in the majors, their mental health could be at an all-time low. Combine that with the pressure of the possibility of getting released or traded and a player’s development could slip away.

Having the minor league franchises provide housing for their players takes that effort away from the athlete. The MLB hopeful can focus on his on-field development which will help the franchise out in the long run.

All in all, if Major League Baseball continues to provide help to their minor league franchises, their players and ultimately the sport will benefit. Providing housing to all of the minor league baseball players is a massive step in the right direction.

MLB franchises take a ton of pride in their ability to produce players from their farm systems, it is only fitting that these franchises begin helping their athletes out as much as they can especially when it comes to their living situation.

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