FoxSports is no doubt hoping that the New York-Los Angeles World Series that some people are predicting comes to fruition. The two storied franchises have met 11 times in the World Series, but it’s been almost 40 years since it last happened. They are the two favorites to advance to the Fall Classic this season, but are they best bets to win it?

Odds to win the World Series

Yankees +380

Dodgers +400

Astros +650

Braves +1400

Twins +1800

Nationals +1800

Mets +2100

Rays +2200

Phillies +2300

New York Yankees (+380) 

Even with James Paxton missing the first half of the season, this is the best team in baseball and it still has an elite rotation. Almost no one has been lost from last season, while Gerrit Cole has been added.

The Yankees will score, they will get a quality start after quality start, and they have a bullpen with no holes. If this team plays up to expectations, they will be your World Series champion.

Los Angeles Dodgers (+400)

The Dodgers are another team with high expectations, another team that will score a lot of runs, and another team with elite starting pitching. But they have holes all over their bullpen, and for that reason I don’t like them at +400. They give up too much to the Yankees on the field to give up so little in potential payout.

There are other and better bets to play before I’d put my money on the Dodgers.

Houston Astros (+650)

No doubt they are one of the better teams, but the Astros have too many potential question marks to place a bet at only +650. Who will replace Gerrit Cole? Can Justin Verlander and Zack Grienke continue to dominate at 37 and 36 years old, and after extended work through October? And how will the cloud of scandal and the daily reminders they are sure to have effect this offense?

I’d want much better than +650 before placing any serious money on the Astros.

Atlanta Braves (+1400)

A great regular season team and winners of what has become the best division in baseball, we’re still waiting to see the Braves perform well in the postseason. Is this the season that finally happens?

As much as I love the bats of Ronald Acuna, Jr., and Freddie Freeman, I don’t trust the starting pitching enough beyond Mike Soroka. The likelihood of another October disappointment is greater than the +1400 oddsmakers are offering.

Minnesota Twins (+1800) and Washington Nationals (+1800)

The Twins are another team that I expect to have a big regular season, followed by a whimper of a postseason. Be it the Yankees or the Astros, whoever they face in the playoffs, they will be overmatched. I would pass on them at +1800.

The Nationals, however, are the defending World Series champions. They have a good enough pitching staff to repeat and a legitimate MVP candidate in Juan Soto. They also faced elimination five times last October, and as we all know, they won all five times. At +1800 I like putting my money on that kind of experience and determination.

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