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MLB Draft 2024- A Look Way Ahead- High School Prospects

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MLB Draft 2024 this is the first article  here at KnupSports for MLB Draft 2024. Follow the journey all year long as Tom keeps you informed.

MLB Draft 2024 is almost a year away. But we can start looking at the top players and those that rise and fall in the rankings between now and then,

This is the first article  here at KnupSports for MLB Draft 2024. Follow the journey all year long as Tom keeps you informed.

Coming up: Next MLB Draft 2024 article is expected to publish on October 1st on Top College Prospects.

MLB Draft 2024- Top High School Players

This is written in alphabetical order of the Top 15 players that could get drafted. This will change as the year progresses.

Cade Arrambide – This Tomball, Texas native is a multi-positional player but is best as catcher. with a strong arm, and third baseman. He stand at 6’3″ and 210 lbs. with a solid bat to all fields. He is a LSU commit that bats right-handed and a recorded exit velocity of 102 mph. He is likely to go in the mid third of the first round of the MLB Draft 2024.

Slade Caldwell- This well built Jonesboro, Arkansas native plays outfield and is a pitcher for his high school team. He is 5’9″ and 172 lbs with a bat that can spray to all field, He is a  quick with a 6.6 6o-yard dash and has committed to Ole Miss. Appears to be a late first round pick or early second round.

Cam Caminiti- From Scottsdale and attended Saguaro High School where the 6’2′ 205 lbs left-handed bat was primarily an outfielder that is known for getting a good read on the ball and has a fluid low throw to the infield. His bat is solid. As a pitcher he hits 95-96 mph with a good hidden delivery to the plate. His uncle Ken played MLB baseball. Cam will be a top ten pick in 2024.

Derek Curiel – he is from West Covina, CA and has made a commitment to LSU. Derek is 6’2′ and 172 lbs. He bats and throws left-handed. At the plate,  he has fast hands and good timing at the plate with outstanding bat speed and good barrel up action. Defensively, he projects best at center as he possesses good route to the balls and has great jumps. He appears to be a Top Ten pick in the MLB Draft 2024. Some believe he may be the top pick in the draft.

JD Dix- JD is 6’2″ 170 lbs and from Whitefish Bay, WI, His team won the state championship in 2023 with Dix leading with 25 RBI’s, 1.159 OPS and a ,373 batting average. He is a solid switch hitter and  a solid defender with great athleticism. He is a late first round or early second round but has a entire high school season to improve.

Noah Franco-  attends IMG Academy in Florida. He is a multi-positional player in high school  However, scouts believe the outfield and his bat is what will get him drafted. He possesses raw bat speed, power potential and great barreling up the ball. He has an 81 exit velocity on file. His arm is excellent in the outfield plus he pitch as 92 mph. A first round pick is projected.

Kale Fountain- out of Lincoln, NE this 6’5″ 230 lbs is a right-handed pitcher and third baseman. He makes good contact with solid bat speed which gives him very good power and shows strength. He has a 6.65 60-yard dash on file. In the field, his arm is solid and projections have him at third base. Appears to be a mid first rounder at this point with another prep year ahead.

Konnor Griffin – From Florence, MS, this 6’4″ righty is a humble multi-positional player. His routes in the outfield are good and his arm strength at third base is solid. He can pitch up to 97 mph with good control. The bat is solid and bat speed shows good. Some have him as the top pick in the draft. We still have 11 months to go, so let’s follow his progress. Committed to LSU.

Dylan Jordan- this Melbourne, Florida athlete is 6’3″ and 205 lbs. He is a right-handed pitcher that hits 92-94 mph regularly with a heavy sinker and 3/4 arm slot that freezes batters. His slider and change are top quality as he has command of the strike zone. After another year , he is likely an  early second round pick.

Chase Mobley- at 6’5″ 190 lbs. this righty pitcher has plenty of room to fill out. He currently hits 92-93 mph with a slider and fastball are his best along with a terrific change-up. His pitches have late movement. From Plant City, Florida, He is a Florida State commit. He could be a late first round pick.

PJ Morlando- Primarily and outfielder with good pull side strength and  power to right center field comfortable in box. Has a recorded 103 exit velocity He is 6’3″ and 200 lbs with a 7.88 in the 60 yard dash.Will be a Top Ten first round pick.

Michael Mullinax- A Canton GS native and Georgia U commit. A primary outfielder at 6’1″ 195 lbs and a switch hitter. He is strong and well built very good speed. more compact swing from left side and pull to center hitter from either side.

Owen Paino – Primarily a shortstop, he is 6’3 205 lbs with a nice free swing as a left-hander. In the field his arm is strong at shortstop. Looking at a second round pick.

Bryce Rainier- a potential two-way player as a left side infielder and pitcher. At 6’3″ 195 lbs. he has a very good high school curve ball and the fastball explodes out of his hand. Stroke from left-handed bat is free and easy. Early second round to mid second round pick  but still another year to grow.


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