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Spotlight’s MLB Power Rankings – June 11, 2021

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Another week, another take on weekly MLB Power Rankings! Tampa Bay Rays are still t the top spot, but some of the entires on our rankings might take you by surprise!

Hello and welcome to our weekly MLB Power Rankings!

The 2021-22 MLB season has been underway with Opening Day being celebrated at numerous ballparks on April 1. We are now a little over two months into the season and have a firm understanding of what each team brings to the table each time it steps onto the field. This MLB season features a balanced mix of teams exceeding expectations along with teams not living up to the hype.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 teams in the league right now dominating both on the offensive and defensive sides of the game. Some teams are more familiar than others, but each team carries the same question: legit or fraud?

Weekly MLB Power Rankings: Numbers 10-6

10. Chicago Cubs (35-27, .565%)

The Cubs pose a threat to teams around the league purely because they have the ability to adapt and play several different types of gamestyles. They can keep pace with opponents on the basepath or if the game includes little action on the offensive side they tighten things up on defense. The current story of the team rests upon the newest Cub Patrick Wisdom who hit 8 home runs in his first 10 starts with the Cubs.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

9. Milwaukee Brewers (35-27, .565%)

The best starting trio as of late undoubtedly belongs to the Brewers with Corbin Burnes, Brandon Woodruff, and Freddy Peralta. As good as their pitching has been for them, the Brewers have suffered miserably at the plate. If the Brewers want any chance of keeping their World Series hopes alive then former MVP Christian Yelich must find his game as he is currently batting .234.

Legit or Fraud: Fraud

8. San Diego Padres (37-27, .578%)

The Padres have been an interesting team to watch so far this season. There’s no denying that pitching has earned the Padres their record behind Musgrove and Darvish, but where is the hitting? Besides from Tatis, is anyone else going to produce? Perhaps, we have just scratched the surface with the young, inexperienced Padres team and their better years lay ahead of them.

Legit or Fraud: Fraud

7. Oakland A’s (37-27, .578%)

The story of the A’s this season has been team consistency. It hasn’t been a certain individual’s play that has lifted the A’s, but rather a combined team effort, including contributions from Mark Canha, Ramon Laureano, Matt Olson and Tony Kemp. It will be challenging for the A’s to navigate themselves through the playoffs without success from their historic leader Matt Chapman. Time for him to pick it up.

Legit or Fraud: Fraud

6. Houston Astros (35-27, .565%)

The Astros have had success on the offensive side of the field. Their weakness has been starting pitching with not many options other than veteran Zack Greinke (6-2). As dominant as Altuve, Correa, Bregman, Alvarez, and Gurriel have been, it means nothing without some comfort out of the bullpen.

Legit or Fraud: Fraud

Weekly MLB Power Rankings: Numbers 5-1

5. Chicago White Sox (37-24, .613%)

The White Sox have the ability to be the most intimidating team in baseball. Getting through the first five batters can be a miserable experience for an opposing pitcher with Anderson, Moncada, and Abreu all carrying the ability to slug. Debatably the best pitching core in the league belongs to the White Sox with Giolito, Rodon, Cease, Lynn, and Keuchel.

Legit or Fraud: LEGIT

4. Boston Red Sox (38-25, .603%)

The story of the season for the Red Sox has been on both sides of the diamond with Devers, Bogaerts, and Martinez handling the offensive side extremely successfully. Keep in mind the return of Chris Sale who will only serve to strengthen the Red Sox starting rotation has begun throwing bullpen sessions. Sweeping the Sox has been an abnormality this season.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

3. Los Angeles Dodgers (37-25, .597%)

Being hit by injuries so early in the year caused a bit of a setback for the defending champs, but recently getting Tony Gonsolin off the IR will get them one step closer to being whole again. The next Dodger set to return will be Corey Seager, expected to return early July. Although the Dodgers aren’t off to the hot start they had hoped for, it’s important to keep in mind this is a World Series caliber team and are capable of beating any good team on a given night.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

2. San Francisco Giants (38-23, .623%)

Perhaps the biggest, most pleasant surprise of the season to this point have been the bats swinging in San Francisco. Leading the league in homeruns with 90 and establishing themselves in the top 5 of pretty much every pitching category (wins, ERA, saves, quality starts) makes the Giants an unlikely contender for this season’s World Series. Pending a healthy roster, the Giants have the potential to make some noise and cause some buzz in the remainder of their season.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

1. Tampa Bay Rays (39-24, .619%)

No other team in baseball is quite on the roll the Rays are on right now. Winning 20 of their last 25 games, the Rays reliable pitching unit in Glasnow, Yarbrough, Hill, and Fleming lead the league in pitching wins with 39. Not to mention, their booming offense as of late provided by RBI league leader Austin Meadows.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

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