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MLB Trade Rumors Piling Up as Trade Deadline Approaches

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MLB trade rumors are stirring quite a bit of dust with the MLB trade deadline day fast approaching. Here’s a closer look!

MLB trade rumors between teams have grown increasingly louder less than 10 days away from the July 30th trade deadline, with certain players and teams repeatedly being mentioned in talks.

MLB Trade Rumors

While some clubs are looking to broaden their talent pool and bring in young prospects that could contribute in the future, others are looking to bolster their current squads and reinforce their strengths to take the next step in reaching the World Series with the ultimate goal of being crowned champions of Major League Baseball.

Here is a look at which players and organizations have been mentioned in trade talks, and which are most likely to be on the move.

Potential Players On the Move

Kris Bryant and Javier Baez of the Chicago Cubs have popped up in rumors as the Cubs drift towards mediocrity with a 47-48 record, third in the National League Central. Bryant is considered the hotter commodity of the two and would be harder to pry away, though a player of his caliber could be open to moving to a better situation.

Starling Marte and Joey Gallo have been speculated as options for contenders looking to add to their starting outfield, as both have had productive seasons with their respective teams and could help push a team over the edge. Reports indicate that the San Francisco Giants could be a player in the market for Marte, while Gallo has indicated that he would like to stay with the Rangers, though the final decision belongs to his club.

Trevor Story of the Colorado Rockies is one of the most talked-about players ahead of the deadline as many teams have inquired about his availability— the understanding is that the Rockies will be willing to part ways with their starting shortstop if a substantial offer is presented but will be cautious with which deal they accept if there is one that they approve of.

Jose Berrios, Kyle Gibson, and Danny Duffy headline a group of starting pitchers that could be on their way out of town, all of which could start for practically any team in baseball. Berrios will be the toughest to pry away as the Minnesota Twins have set a rather high asking price of a pre-arbitration player and two top-100 prospects, though they understand that Berrios want to enter free agency to maximize his value on the open market this is their chance to get a return on his value.

Gibson has reportedly already made contact with the St. Louis Cardinals, who are in a strange position themselves, attempting to balance buying and selling at the deadline. Duffy, meanwhile, has the ability to control where he goes due to his “10 and 5” status, earned from spending 10 years in the league and five with one team.

Trey Mancini, Adam Frazier, and Anthony Rizzo round out the top infielders that could be headed for greener pastures, as all feature on mediocre-to-bad teams; they are all in their primes and could be valuable contributors for a new team for years to come, though their performances this year will dictate substantial asking prices.

Craig Kimbrel, another Chicago Cub, will be the biggest draw amongst the relievers, having tossed a .52 ERA with 22 saves and 60 strikeouts in 34.2 innings. The 33-year-old has had a resurgence this season after falling off for a couple of years and is looking like his old, eight-time All-Star self.

Teams Looking to Make Moves

Of the contenders, the Houston Astros, San Francisco Giants, and Los Angeles Dodgers will be the most interested in adding to their rosters, the last of which has been hit with a recent injury bug and is playing backups in key positions. These three teams are widely considered to be the best in baseball and will be able to attract interest from different players— their only problem will be meeting the asking prices of teams looking to sell.

The Tampa Bay Rays and the Oakland Athletics, who are at 57-39 and 55-42 respectively, are also expected to be aggressive buyers at the deadline as they look to move out of second place and into contention for their division pennants. The New York Yankees, who have been up and down all year, could also become heavily involved at the deadline if they choose to, though there is no guarantee that they will enter the market.

The Detroit Tigers and the Chicago Cubs are two teams outside of the usual suspects in the basement—like the Pittsburgh Pirates and Arizona Diamondbacks that would sell in a heartbeat— that have talent that they could be willing to offload at the deadline. While the Cubs’ talent has already been discussed and made available in talks, there have been conflicting reports regarding the Tigers’ openness to retooling their roster. Time will soon tell, as the deadline is just nine days away.

Regardless of the specifics, movement is guaranteed amongst some of the most talented players in America; buckle up for the next week and change, because this is only the start of the madness.

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