2019 MLB Winter Meetings

Beginning December 8th and continuing through the 12th of the month, Major League baseball will conduct their winter meetings. This is an annual affair in different locations throughout the United States.

Two seasons ago, I attended the meetings in Orlando and got a first hand look at how it is put together. In 2019, the winter meetings will take place at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront in San Diego, California. The event is held in conjunction with the Baseball Trade Show and PBEO Job Fair, which will take place at the San Diego Convention Center.

This is typically where the baseball executives kick off the Hot Stove talk and it becomes one of the busiest weeks in the offseason. The general managers get to have face-to-face contact with the execs from other teams. It allows them to kick back and discuss their needs and what is available from their squad. It is non-stop rumors and deals.

Rule V Draft

On December 12th, the last day of the meetings, the Rule V draft will take place as players selected must remain on their team’s big league roster all the next season. Otherwise, they must go through waivers and be offered back to their original team. This will have a new wrinkle this year and teams can roster 26 players during the season. With that in mind, the level of activity may be more than usual. Here is the schedule of events for the meetings.

PBEO Job Fair

The 26th Annual PBEO Job Fair will be held during the meetings as teams from the minor leagues and major leagues accept resumes and hold job interviews for opening they may have. Usually, there are 400-500 jobs that get filled during this fair.

Baseball Trade Show

The Baseball Trade Show is going on during these days. This is where vendors and any businesses connected to baseball has a booth and/or display to show off their latest equipment or product they would like to sell at major league and minor league contests.

This is a great affair for the baseball fan to soak in. You are surrounded by all of the people in baseball and they usually come in a relaxed atmosphere. MLB-TV and all of their on-air personalities are there from start to finish.

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