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My Top 10 MLB Teams

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MLB is coming to a close, with only 20 games left. Tommy Burch ranks his top 5 teams and why they sit at the top.

With just about 20 games left in the MLB season, the power rankings are starting to solidify. The top teams are going to stay at the top, but there’s incredible room for movement. The 3 through 5 spots have a record differential of about 4 games, so the standings leave much to desire.

There is only about a month left of regular season baseball, and the top teams are clawing for their spot. The top 10 teams are subject to change, but as of now, these are my best picks.

1. LA Dodgers (97-43)

This team, as an all-around unit, is clearly the best in baseball. They are 3rd in batting average at .261 and rank in the top third of the league in fielding percentage. They get on base often, have the best overall record, and have proven to be easily the most competitive team in MLB.

2. HOU Astros (92-50)

As well-rounded as the Dodgers are off paper, this team is an offensive and defensive powerhouse on it. They rank 5th in the league in home runs, 8th in RBIs, SLG, and OPS. Their statistics as a whole look better than the Dodgers, putting them in a very close second.

3. NY Mets (89-53)

Another team with a phenomenal MLB batting average, this team sits at 6th with .259. What I like the most about this MLB team is their MLB ERA. The Dodgers and Astros sit at No. 1 and No. 2 in the category; they find themselves in 7th. Paired with their record and batting ability, the team can sit pretty well in the top 3.

4. ATL Braves (87-54)

Some people have the Braves over the Mets, but I just can’t convince myself to do it. They are on an immaculate MLB run at the end of the MLB season, but I have confidence the Mets will stay on top. They are the lowest team on this list in BA, and sit at 6th in ERA. Their fielding is impeccable, with a .988 fielding percentage.

5. NY Yankees (85-56)

In reality, I think the Mariners are going deeper in the playoffs. However, I can’t argue with the stats. The Yankees lead the league in homers, and more homers mean more points. They’re fourth in RBIs, 3rd in ERA, and 8th in fielding percentage. I don’t know how to argue this, but the Mariners sit just outside my top 5.

Honorable Mention: SEA Mariners (79-61)

This team hits the ball out, but they can’t make contact for their lives. This team makes their living off of their pitching staff and their fielding. This team sits at 5th in ERA as a team, but, more impressively, sits at No. 2 in fielding percentage.

Best Chance For Movement

The Cardinals are more than capable of this list, and a lot of people may find it upsetting that they don’t make my top 5. Those people can go away with their terrible opinions; Albert Pujols is washed.

However, if they stay hot, the Cards could take a top 3 spot. This bumps the Mets down, leaving the Braves and Yankees to duke it out.

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