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Postseason Predictions For The AL

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Postseason Predictions For The AL – Post-season baseball is finally here after 6 months of baseball which had a lot of storylines so let’s predict who will represent the AL.

Post-season baseball is finally here after 6 months of baseball which had a lot of storylines: Giants shocking everyone, the Braves getting their 4th consecutive pennant, Dodgers shockingly playing the wild card, Rays dominating the American league, and few others so let’s predict who will represent the AL.

Wild Card

Yankees vs Red Sox

Both tied with a winning record of 92-70 to take both Wild card spots, it will be played on Fenway Park with the Red Sox having a 49-32 record at home and the Yankees a 46-35 record playing away same record as playing at home, we saw what happened last time these two met and Yankees swept the Red sox, I’ll go with the Red Sox winning at Fenway.

Divisions series

Yankees vs Rays

The Rays won the 19 game series between these two with 11 wins and won the recent series against Boston at the beginning of september. The series between these two has been quite tight both with the Red Sox having the second most runs scored but also more runs allowed same with the Rays second most runs scored but also most runs allowed, I think this series seeing how tight this matchup can easily go to 5 games with the Rays winning it 3-2.

Astros vs White Sox

The reason I think White Sox have the edge over the Astros it’s because their lineup (Jimenez, Robert, Moncada, Anderson, Grandal and Abreu) have only played 3 times together this year and they’re 3-0 La Russa. I supposed he was getting them rested for the postseason.

The Astros’ strength for this series will be their ridiculous which ranks first in both Runs scored and WRC+ and 8 players with a WRC+ no less than 109, while White Sox strength will be their pitching ranking first in fWAR with 27.1 and second behind the Rays in team ERA with 3.74, I think it will be a 3-1 series going for the White Sox, with the MVP being Moncada.

The Astros offense is crazy good but as we have seen in the past, pitching is what gets you deep in the postseason.

Championship series

The Tampa Bay Rays vs The Chicago White Sox

Now this seems like it would be quite the matchups that will be decided just by clutch hitting with both pitching staff being almost perfect with zero errors, both rank first and second in team ERA with 3.79 and 3.74 you can barely see a difference between them.

In both fWAR while the White Sox ranks first and the Rays rank 4th, Tampa ranks first in fWAR and ERA with their relievers and the White Sox second and fifth, Tampa knows how to play the correct matchups to get the best production from the relievers, both faced 6 times 3 wins for each team, my prediction will be for the White Sox 4-2, I think starters will be key in this series for Chicago and that will be the edge.

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