The MLB is set to begin next week, with the spring training beginning to go underway. While spring training will give fans a look at what teams are coming out the gate looking the most impressive; Last season, and the off-season, has given enough to predict who will win each of the divisions. 

After massive moves in the offseason, and big name players like Aaron Judge committing to the New York Yankees, there will surely be shake-ups within the hierarchy of the MLB. Not only have players change teams, but the rules have changed as well, leading to some teams like they have an advantage in the first season of the new rules. 

AL East: Yankees

The New York Yankees won last seasons AL East pennant despite being in the most competitve division in the league. Aaron Judge’s AL MVP campaign helped carry the Yankees to 99 wins, and they will need him to be just as good if not better for them to stage off the likes of the Blue Jays and Rays.


However, Judge is a generational talent and now with the contract signed, the Yankees will be dealing with far less distractions. New York will look to some of their younger talent this season like Oswaldo Cabrera and Anthony Volpe to get even better this season.

AL West: Astros

The Houston Astros are going to be the favorite to win the division, and tell someone else proved to be a challenge to them. The Astros dominated the AL West, as well as the rest of the MLB, on their way to winning the 2022 World Series. They will once again come into this season as the odds on favorite to be champions.

AL Central: Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins improved their team, while keeping Carlos Correa on the roster. The Twins were in the AL Central division fight much more than what the standings look like. The Twins crumbled towards the end of the season last year, but expect them to come out of the gates looking a lot better. 

NL Central: Chicago Cubs

The NL Central will likely be a fight for the division win, and multiple teams could make a playoffs. the Cardinals, Brewers, and Cubs will be the leading candidates to win the division. while the Brewers and Cardinals were the best in the division last season, the Chicago Cubs have done the most in the offseason, and will sneak in as the division winner this season. 

NL East: Atlanta Braves

While everyone is going to be predicting that the New York Mets win the division, the Atlanta Braves have continued to be as strong of a team as ever. To be fair, after the incredible amount of spending that they did this off-season, the New York Mets need to win the division this season. However, the Braves still have Ronaldo Acuna Jr, who will only prove to be better this season and he will carry the Braves to an MVP caliber season, shocking the Mets.

NL West: San Diego Padres

Of course it will be a fight between the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers to see who wins the NL West. However, with the amount of talent that the Padres have on their roster, if they are able to get into a rhythm with all of their star players, they could be the most unstoppable team in baseball. It may be optimistic to think that the Padres will finally put it together, but this is the season to do so.