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Previewing the NL Central Division

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With the 2022 MLB season set to begin in April, now is the perfect time to take a look at the Central Division. The Cubs are going to have their work cut out for them to keep pace in the Central. 

The Milwaukee Brewers won the 2021 NL Central Division title, and they enter 2022 as the overwhelming favorites to repeat. Milwaukee is actually one of the top picks to win the National League this season and that pitching staff is tremendous. 

Heading into 2022, most experts predict that the NL Central will be one of the worst divisions in baseball. It’s hard to argue with those experts, especially when taking a close look at how Central Division teams approached the offseason. 

Milwaukee went out and improved their roster, but the same can’t be said for the four other teams in the Central. Sure, the Cubs went out and made some moves, but they didn’t improve enough to really become a threat to the Brewers. 

It would be a huge upset to see anyone but the Brewers win the NL Central Division title in 2022, and it would be shocking to even see this be a race into September. Milwaukee is clearly the class of the division and that franchise is willing to spend some money to make sure that they stay on top. 

Cubs or Cards in the Mix

Even though the Brewers are the clear class of the NL Central Division, there is going to be some team that emerges as a legitimate threat. Yes, the Cubs are in that mix, but the St. Louis Cardinals are as well. 

The Cubs actually spent more money this offseason than the Cardinals, and those moves could allow them to move ahead of St. Louis in the standings. That Cardinals lineup is going to be a nightmare to deal with though, but St. Louis might struggle to get some outs.

Getting off to a good start is going to be crucial for both the Cubs and Cardinals and each front office will likely have a tough decision to make at the Trade Deadline. If you were going to pick one team to be a “seller” though then you’d have to think it’s the Cubs.

The Cardinals are going to want to give Yadi Molina, Adam Wainwright, and Albert Pujols every possible chance at reaching the postseason in 2022. Those players have been giving Cubs’ fans nightmares for years, and trading one more playoff run for a future without that trio is a trade that most Cubs fans would be willing to take. 

No Attempt to Contend

One of the biggest reasons that some MLB fans are fed up with the league is that some teams appear to be giving up before the season even starts. That is definitely the case with the Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates, and those two teams might be the worst in the National League.

Pittsburgh is a team that simply doesn’t spend any money to improve their team, and they should finish in last place in the NL Central. Cincinnati was actually in contention over the last two years, but they had a fire-sale that should make them the 4th best team in the Central Division in 2022. 

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