We are almost there. It won’t be long until Opening Day across major league stadiums will be thrilling fans. Sunday, April 2 will be the official start as the World Champion Chicago Cubs travel to St. Louis to face their rival Cardinals. The other teams will likely follow suit the next day. Then it is on to 162 games played by 30 teams. That makes for a full summer.

Baseball fans like to wager baseball and particularly things related to their favorite team. They will be scouring their favorite websites, local newspapers and team related blogs to see what is happening in the world of baseball.

Of course, it may be as simple as a daily bet on which team covers the spread, it might be moneyline or the over/under as the favorite type of bet. But for those that are in it for the long haul many will turn this week to prop bets.

Here are some active sportsbook prop bets.

Can Miguel Cabrera win the 2017 AL MVP Award?

Can Miguel Cabrera win the 2017 AL MVP Award?

Who will win the American League MVP?

The first person that many have in their first thought is Mike Trout of the California Angels. He won it is 2014 and 2016 and is arguably the best all-around player in major league baseball.He is the clear favorite.

But let’s not necessarily jump on that one as we consider the Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts. He is sitting at 5/1 odds and Astros Jose Altuve, all 5’7” of him, is in at 10/1. Let’s not forget another two time AL MVP player in Miguel Cabrera at 12/1. There are more so before to check the latest odds before the season begins.

Who will win the National League MVP?

Bettors are loving on the Chicago Cubs with defending NL MVP Kris Bryant at 2.75/1 odds and teammate Anthony Rizzo being 9/1 odds. Former NL MVP in 2015, Bryce Harper, is always on the board and is a legitimate threat to win MVP with 3/1 odds. World Baseball Classic third baseman and Rockies player Nolan Arenado sits at 7/1 odds. Be safe and check the latest odds this week before you bet.

Who will win the American League Cy Young?

Cy Young winner in 2016 ws Rick Porcello with his 22-4 record along with a 3.15 mark will get some consideration as will his Tigers stud Justin Verlander who battled and has a 3.04 ERA along with a 16-9 record. You might jump on this as the sportsbooks didn’t include them in the best odds this season as Porcello is 33/1 and Verlander is 12/1 odds. This might be a chance to make some money. The top odds go to former White Sox pitcher and now Red Sox hurler Chris Sale at 3.5/1. He is followed by Corey Kluber sporting 5/1 odds.

Who will win the National League Cy Young?

The most attention for this award falls on the back of Clayton Kershaw, lefthanded pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has this award three times and is a 1.6/1 odds. Another former winner is Max Scherzer at 3.5/1 odds. Further down the list we find Madison Bumgarner of the Giants at 10/1 and Cubs right Jake Arrieta at 16/1 odds. Be sure to check the live odds before you bet this week.

Who will be the MLB Home Run Leader?

Last year the winner was a bit of a surprise as Mark Trumbo of the Baltimore Orioles smacked 48 dingers. Oddsmakers put his chances in 2017 as 14/1. Giancarlo Stanton is the favorite at8/1. This bet will take a leap of faith that he stays healthy. Nolan Arenado is 9/1 and Kris Bryant is currently 10/1 to win the home run leader contest. Bryce Harper is 14/1 with Mike Trout at 20/1 for some decent odds.

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