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Rain Saves Chicago Cubs on Tuesday

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Mother Nature apparently had enough of the Chicago Cubs losing games at Wrigley Field, and enough rain came down on Tuesday night to postpone the game. That set up a doubleheader on Wednesday against the Colorado Rockies, and the Cubs actually have a chance to establish a winning streak at home.

Once again, this weekend looked like another instance of the Cubs hitting rock-bottom on the season, but we know better than that. Chicago was swept in a three-game series by the lowly Kansas City Royals, and the loss on Sunday was the 13th straight at Wrigley Field.

13 straight losses at Wrigley Field set a new franchise record for the Cubs, besting (?) the previous mark that was set back in 1994. It’s hard to lose 13 straight games in baseball, but it is even harder to lose that many games in a row at home.

Fortunately, the miserable losing streak ended on Monday night as the Cubs were able to rally back from an early deficit to beat the Colorado Rockies. Rafael Ortega played hero in that game as he belted a walk-off two-run home run in the 9th inning.

Hendricks Continues to Perform

Despite all of the nonsense and losing that has gone on with the Cubs since the middle of June, and there has been one bright spot every five days. Kyle Hendricks just continues to do his thing on the mound every time out, and he did it again on Monday night.

Hendricks actually gave up three runs in the game against the Rockies on Monday night, but then he completely shut them down for the next six innings. That’s what Hendricks has done throughout his entire career, and the Cubs should be blessed to still have him on the roster.

Despite all the losses that have gone on with the Chicago Cubs since the middle of June, Kyle Hendricks continues to do his thing on the mound every time out.

With 14 wins, Hendricks is now atop the NL standings for wins. His ERA is still higher than he would like it to be, but he remains one of the top pitchers in baseball.

The Cubs need to do right by Hendricks and make this a quick rebuild as they cannot have him going out and delivering dominant performances every fifth day for a losing team. Hendricks will be the face of this franchise heading into 2021, but the Cubs need to give him some help.

Time For Heyward to Sit

Some will point to the lengthy contract given to Jason Heyward as the factor that has ultimately led to the Cubs being in this position. Signing Heyward before the 2016 World Series championship season was a move that needed to be made, but it has not paid off as expected.

Sure, the Cubs might not have ended the 108-year World Series drought without the speech that Heyward gave the team, but that was his only real contribution to this franchise. Heyward came to the Cubs with plenty of hype and potential, but he has been a severe liability at the plate.

There is no doubt that Jed Hoyer tried to shop Heyward at the Trade Deadline, but there was no way that any team was willing to take on that contract. The Cubs can continue to use Heyward to provide some veteran leadership on the team, but that’s about all he needs to do.

David Ross continues to pencil his name into the lineup, and this needs to stop immediately. Not only is Heyward providing little to no offense in most of his at-bats, but he is also taking away some playing time and experience from younger players.


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