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Ranking Last Five World Series

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Check out Nick’s rankings of the last five World Series. See why Nick things it’s important to do so.

Baseball seems destined to head into a long, painstaking lockout that puts the start of next season in danger.

Instead of being negative about the future outlook of the sport, let’s take a look at the last five World Series.

Here are the undisputed rankings.

5. 2021: Braves in 6 Over Astros

The most recent Fall Classic comes in 5th on our list. The signature moment probably came in the clincher with Jorge Soler’s Albert Pujols-esque home run at Minute Maid Park.

As has been well documented, the Braves came out of nowhere, taking deadline flyers on Joc Pederson, Jorge Soler, Eddie Rosario, and Adam Duvall, all of which paid off for them in the postseason.

Game 4 was probably the best game, given the comeback from Atlanta and how it put the Braves in complete control of the series. It’s the lack of signature moments that makes this quite a forgettable World Series.

A do-or-die game 7 after all the Astros went through would’ve helped the series’ standing, but it was unfortunately not very entertaining.

4. 2019 Nationals in 7 Over Astros

Maybe a shock to some, the seven game clash between Washington and Houston comes in at number 4 on the list.

This series did not have a signature game. The road team won every game, giving a lack of electric reactions from home fans and 6 of the 7 games were decided by three runs or more.

Juan Soto’s emergence on a national stage will be what this series is ultimately remembered for, outside of the offseason avalanche that followed with the Houston Astros. Soto and Bregman’s carrying the bat down to first base was cute, but the series kind of stunk.

The only thing keeping this series out of the basement was the fact that it went the distance. Two NL East champions provide the two worst series of the last five years.

3. 2020 Dodgers in 6 Over Rays

This is where the list greatly improves. 2020 arguably has the best individual game on the list in game 4. Arozarena’s sprint to the plate was an iconic moment.

There was the controversy of Kevin Cash pulling Blake Snell in game 6 that ultimately cost the Rays a chance at winning the series.

All in all, it was a great series that had to be knocked down for a few reasons. First, the lack of fans. For all the flack that Tropicana Field receives as a horrible venue, game 4 would have been even more iconic with the home fans going crazy.

Also, the signature moment came from the losing team. All of the Dodger wins were surgical and proved they were the best team in baseball. It’s hard to pick out a signature Dodgers moment which leaves it in 3rd place on the list.

2. 2018 Red Sox in 5 Over Dodgers

2018 made a strong case to be in the top spot. Despite the series only going 5 games, the three games in Los Angeles were among the most memorable World Series games of our generation.

Game 3 featured the Dodgers only win, in the longest game in postseason history. Ian Kinsler’s gaffe extended the game and allowed for the Dodgers to pick up a remarkable win.

To further grow the legend of this series, the longest game in postseason history wasn’t even the best game in the series.

Game 4 featured a furious Red Sox comeback fueled by Chris Sale screaming in the dugout after Yasiel Puig lit Los Angeles on fire with a clutch home run. The Dodgers seemed destined to jump right back into the series with a 4-0 lead in the 7th inning, but the Red Sox took control in a back and forth classic.

The only thing keeping this series from being higher on the list is the fact that there were only five games played. The lack of games does not take away from how entertaining the series was.

1. Astros in 7 Over Dodgers

In the easiest decision of the bunch, the clash between Houston and Los Angeles takes the top spot.
The Astros and Dodgers are the two signature teams over the past five seasons and their series was one to remember. Outside of 2020 game 4, game 5 was undoubtedly the best game of the whole five year stretch.

The balls were juiced and flying out left and right, George Springer put on a show, and it may have been the only time in the last five years that the two teams were playing at their highest level at the same time.

Game 2 was extremely underrated, a 7-6 eleven inning Astros win. The Astros scored in the eighth and ninth to tie the game, scored twice in the 10th (only to be matched by the Dodgers) and scored twice more in the 11th (on a George Springer home run) to clip the Dodgers by one. If it weren’t for game 5 that may have been the best World Series game of the last five years.

The countless signature moments make this series by far the best of the last five years.

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