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Ross Making Strange Decisions

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The managerial career for David Ross has been short, but it’s been without much drama or questioning. That should change soon though as he continues to make some interesting moves.

It’s hard to really know what to make of David Ross as a big league manager since he hasn’t really been given a fair chance. Ross led the Cubs to a division title in 2020, but then his team was ripped apart in 2021.

Most Cubs fans are happy with Ross, but that could soon start to change if he keeps making one major mistake. Jason Heyward has no business being in Cubs lineup on an everyday basis, but Ross continues to pencil him in there when he is healthy.

This decision for Ross doesn’t make sense regardless of what the Cubs are trying to accomplish this year. Heyward is not helping the Cubs make the playoffs in 2022, and he is not going to be a part of the future core.

It’s fine to keep Heyward on the team as a great clubhouse guy, but he hasn’t been good since putting on a Cubs uniform. Ross also continues to give Nick Madrigal starts at second base, and he’s been a mess this season as well.

The Madrigal decision is easier to explain as he does have a future with the team, but Ross simply can’t keep running Heyward out there. He’s not good enough to play himself into a trade, and he is just filling a spot that could be filled with Clint Frazier or Rafael Ortega.

Let the Kids Play

Christoper Morel was not supposed to be the first position player brought up by the Cubs this season as most though that Brennen Davis would be that guy. Morel came to Chicago all the way from Double A, and all he has done is hit and provide a spark.

There are other minor league prospects that are close to being ready at the MLB level, and Ross and the Cubs just need to let that process begin. Bring them to Wrigley Field and see what you have in each player as this team is going to need them all at some point.

It might not go well all of the time, but at least it will be a fun glimpse into the future.

Contreras Driving Up the Price

With every line drive that Willson Contreras sprays around Wrigley Field, he is driving up the asking price either for him, or for the Cubs. Not a day goes by that you don’t see a Willson Contreras trade rumor floating around, but the Cubs could also still offer him an extension.

Contreras is currently going through one of the best stretches of his career, and he has hit two balls over 115 mph just this week. The power appears to be back, and he is once again the heart and soul of this team.

It’s starting to seem nearly impossible that the Cubs offer him a “fair deal,” and he could be gone at some point this Summer. Contreras could net the Cubs a massive haul of prospects in return, especially if he keeps putting up big numbers.

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