Last year, the MLB announced that they were going to make multiple rule changes to hopefully improve the game. Some of the biggest rule changes would include a pitch clock, to speed up game time. They were also implementing bigger base-running bags and they were to end shifts. However, many people had pushback to change a sport that has been so traditional for so long. The majority of the board for the MLB saw that baseball needed to make a change if they wanted to grab in the younger audience still, and these rules so far have been successful in capturing people’s attention for Major League baseball.

Pitch Clock

The pitch clock has undoubtedly been the biggest benefit for baseball in decades. The games are going by faster, and TV ratings are up due to it. Not only does the pitch clock help with the amount of time that a game takes to end, it will also allow players to rest easily, as the games do not go on longer, and they are able to return back home at an earlier time.

There are still many detractors, saying that game should not be ended on a pitch clock, or players should not have there at bat decided by a clock, but the upsides are staggering, and this is one of the best rules that Rob Manfred has implemented in his time as the commissioner.

Stealing Bases

With the bigger bags being implemented, many speculated that this would result in more stolen bases. How right they were as the success rate in the first week has leaped from 74% last season to now 87.5% this season.

Luckily for baseball, They also have a new young exciting player, that is benefiting from the rule. Anthony Volpe, the shortstop for the New York Yankees, who is in his rookie season has stolen a base in each of his three games for the Yankees so far. Having a young talent that could be on the brink of breaking rookie records for stolen bases, is exciting for the new rule.

As much as everyone loves home runs, and exciting game where a lot of runs are coming in is just as exciting, and stealing bases will help make a higher scoring, and more intense game. If Volpe continues this run, he will be one of the biggest X factors for a Yankees playoff run, which will drive in a ton of excitement and energy around baseball.

MLB Fans Win In The End

In the end, the fans are not getting any less of the game, they are just getting a shorter and more exciting game. The positives clearly outweigh the negatives, and TV ratings, games, players, and everything else is showing that the MLB made a terrific decision to begin implementing some rules to a game that truly needed it.