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Social Media Night

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Wow, what a great night! I would like to thank the Cardinals for their gracious invitation to attend this and the tickets to the game. I would say just over 100 people were in attendance and got to hear some wonderful thoughts.

Hearing from Derrick Goold and Matthew Leach was golden. They talked about how their job has changed and the affect twitter and Facebook has had on it. It is a delicate balance to give information out through those means and to wetten the appetite to read their complete thoughts at the newspaper or website. Both of these writers are well written and well spoken. It is nice to have beat writers of their caliber.

John Mozeliak was cautious. He didn’t answer the question of whether he is looking for a 3rd baseman, SS or 2nd baseman next year due to the fact that he said it would be all over the media before he finish his talk, What he did say was he knew the team had trouble scoring runs this year and would be looking for offensive help in whatever position it came. I wish I would have asked him about our hitting coach and how much that may have caused the less scoring. He wouldn’t have answered that anyway!

Mo also said we would not likely trade Rasmus. To paraphrase he said that Colby had too much talent and was at an affordable price and to replace that would be difficult. He mention Colby was probably just frustrated and wet behind the ears to ask for a trade.

Soon after the season he plans to meet with Tony LaRussa to get his intentions of managing next year. He felt it needed to be right away so he could plan accordingly. As far as the budget, he felt they had room to increase it over the next few years.

Sadly, I didn’t win any of the prizes!

It was great to meet many of the other bloggers and a group picture is coming soon! Be sure to visit those wonderful sites. (even if a few got better seats than I did). 🙂

All in all, a great time was had by all!

BTW: I am more of an off-season writer and I will begin cranking those out soon!

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