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Some bad decisions.

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Get Taguchi out of there. First he let’s 40 yr old slow moving Moises Alou go from 1st to 3rd with a weak wimped throw and off line to boot. Later the Delgado ball should have been caught. Just get to the fence and catch it. Even if Duncan couldn’t have caught it, at least he can hit the ball. Please Walt, let So Taguchi go. Adam Kennedy crushed the ball. I am looking forward to his play year long. He was a bit shaky on the first two ground balls hot to him but, HEY, it is Opening Day.

The Carpenter bunt. Get it away from the plate, not in front of the plate.

By the way, no more first pitch fastballs to Moises Alou. He is looking for it. TLR says Carp is not struggling it is that the Mets are just good hitters. Bosh!

5th inning sees Taguchi weakly hit the ball back to the pitcher. Let’s keep JROD and outright TAGUCHI.

Now he misses a Reyes fly ball…. no excuse! Duncan could have done that. Sayanora, So!

Nice hit Skip.

TONY, why not Duncan instead of Preston in that 7th inning ? He’s a left handed batter. Force their hand. Duncan led the team in Spring Training. Come on, wrong choice.

Some good Mets defense tonight. But Joe Morgan could shut up and I would be happy. Joe wants a balk called cause his favorite guy got picked off. Joe Morgan has a man crush on Jose Reyes.

Are we going to watch teams go first to third on grounders to the outfield all year? Hopper to right and away they go. The Cards just seem to have some void this first game. Not fired up for the opener after winning the whole enchilada last year. Peter Gammons has declared the Mets as the winner for the National League after one game. Of course earlier he said the Mets will be playing his beloved Red Sox in the World Series with Schilling out dueling Pedro for the title of World Series.

9th inning and the So-man gets a hit when it doesn’t mean much. Bennett pops up in a weak fashion.

Short recap: the bullpen looked good. Nothing else really sticks out after game 1.

Glavine has 291 wins. Final Mets 6 Cards 1

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