Baseball fans are happy people. Spring Training has begun and many fans are heading south to check out their fan team. Some bettors love to bet on anything. They love the thrill so we put together some MLB Spring Training betting tips to help get you started.

Sharp bettors have a tendency to stay away from Spring Training baseball because there is really no edge over the sportsbooks. Pro handicappers put a stop sign up when they see that. Why not bet on Spring Training?

Veterans No Urgency to Win

MLB Spring Training Betting Tips

MLB Spring Training Betting Tips!

Let’s look at the teams. First, the starters have no real urgency to win a game. They are there to get in shape and practice their everyday movements once the season begins. In other words, they are not really trying to win.

One of their goals is to not get hurt. The younger, less experienced players, are likely to be playing harder to win a job or make an impression on the brass of the team.

Pay Attention to Detail and Start Slow

Sports bettors love action, therefore, sportsbooks create lines for Spring Training that works in their favor! If you insist on wagering then you need to pay attention to detail and start slow.

The first week the managers are going to experiment with different combinations, different pitchers and with players they don’t see often in situation they may have not been part of in their career. Stay away from split squads as players could be anywhere and usually that is unknown until game time.

Starting Pitching Get’s More Work in Week 2

In the second week, if you are going to bet, pay attention to the starting pitching as they will likely get four or five innings of work. In Spring Training, it is not unusual to see an ace facing the #5 starter on the other team.

You may be able to exploit that. This does not guarantee success, but this #5 hurler might be more hittable under the pressure of trying to make the show.

Teams Play Different — Managers Manage Different

Betting on MLB Spring Training

Betting on MLB Spring Training

Some teams just have a better roster and that could be a determining factor in your betting process. As in the regular season, some teams are hot and some are not. Pay attention to previous success. Another thing to understand that the best teams are not always the best Spring Training teams.

Managers will manage differently in Spring Training and likely put players in positions that they are not familiar with to see if they can handle it.

Injury & Active List

Check the injury list and see who is and isn’t available to play. If you must bet Spring Training, then bet less than the regular season due to the unpredictability of the game. Be patient. There are some good opportunities for bettors to make money on baseball, but it will take time and research on your part.

Again, starting pitching doesn’t hold much value during this time of the year. Travel is almost nonexistent and isn’t a factor. Veterans dislike Spring Training and may not put their best foot forward. Youngsters may play hard and wish to impress. It is those things that need to be addressed.

Make a bet on MLB Spring Training if it makes sense, but don’t force the issue.

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