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The Best St Louis Sports Arguments- book review

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Compelling at times. Opinionated all of the time. Down right mean sometimes. That is what author Bryan Burwell has accomplished in The 100 most controversial, debatable questions for die-hard fans.

His purpose is to provoke a response from the reader. He most definitely does that when he tells you more than once that Mark McGwire was a steroid taker and a cheater that does not belong in the Hall of Fame. But, it is debatable and questionable to most people in and around St. Louis. Bryan Burwell, job accomplished.

Top sports personalities in St Louis has Albert Pujols as #5 and moving towards the #1 or #2 spot near The Man. Most won’t debate that but old school people might want Hornsby in there too. Mission accomplished!

I wanted to throw the book down when he talked of how St Louis isn’t that great of a sports town. His reasons are solid and reasonable but it still breaks your heart to have someone bad mouth what you have been told or possibly brain-washed for years.

All in all this book is a good read for the casual sports reader and a MUST read for the passionate St Louis sports fanatic. It is full of thought provoking discussion points at the water cooler, the copy machine, the diamond or the favorite watering hole. Bryan Burwell set out with a purpose in mind. To get us to think about the storied history of sports in St Louis and to realize we will always argue our opinion on who and what is the best in the city.

Pick it up for your sports crazy fan for Christmas and then watch out as the guys get “in to it” after the big meal.

Grade B+

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