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Staying in LA: Trevor Bauer Elects Not to Opt Out of Contract

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Trevor Bauer is remaining with the Dodgers? Read this article to find out more about this developing story.

Trevor Bauer is set to make $64 million dollars over the next two years. Given what happened this season, had Bauer been forced to enter free agency he would have not made anywhere near that amount. Because he had a player option as a part of his original deal Bauer retained the right to make the decision about his future.

Unpurspringly, Bauer exercised his player option and is expected to remain a member of the Dodger organization for now.

The Dilemma

The main issue is the fact that Bauer has been battling a sexual assault allegation for the majority of the season and it has continued into the offseason which places the Dodgers in a very difficult position. If they choose to keep Bauer on their roster they will not only face the wrath of a number of fans, but there is a strong probability of Bauer facing a lengthy suspension for his actions.

But simply cutting him is likely out of the question given the amount of money they owe him. So for now, all that the Los Angeles front office can do is sit back and wait until the sexual assault investation is finished and a punsihment is announced for the all-star caliber pitcher.

Trevor Bauer on the Field

In addition to the sexual assault controversy, Bauer also has an entertaining yet somehwat distracting social media presence off the field. However, we should not forget that when he is on the mound Trevor Bauer is still one of the best pitchers in the game.

Before he began facing issues off the diamond, Bauer was pitching to the tune of a 2.59 ERA with 137 strikeouts under the bright lights of LA. There is no real timetable for his return, but there is also no question that he is still an extremely talented pitcher.

But actions have consequences. Nobody is truly sure the next time we will see Trevor Bauer toeing an MLB pitching mound.


We will likely be made aware of an official ruling on Bauer before next season. Once this is announced, the decision for the Dodgers will be far easier.

As of now, I would expect Bauer to pitch for the Dodgers again at some point down the road. However, unless he is somehow proven completely innocent, we will not see Bauer again until after he serves a long suspension.

There is the possibility that the Dodgers decide to move on from Bauer in an effort to distance themselves from the disgraced starting pitcher. They could try and make him available via trade, or release him outright which would cost them a lot of money.

For now, all we can do is wait and see what happens. All we know is that Bauer did not opt out of his contract and is technically still a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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