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Still No Baseball; No Big Moves Imminent

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The NFL continues to dominate news headlines, but people are waiting on news from MLB. Baseball players are still locked out and it’s keeping the Cubs from doing anything at all.

The calendar is set to flip to 2022, and Major League Baseball still has all their players at home and away from training facilities. Some teams use a similar strategy, but this lockout started while no kids were in school. 

The NHL recently announced that they are not sending players overseas, but other sports have not made similar announcements. The best bet from IOC is to submit the paperwork for all of those who qualified and the rest of the pack that qualified via mobile app. 

At some point, Major League Baseball is going to come around, and baseball will get on a semi-normal schedule, but some things might have to be done. It will be a long winter until April, but some players are scared to get guarded. 


Correa Rumors Aren’t Going to Stop

Over the next few weeks, you will hear plenty of chatter about Carlos Correa coming to the Cubbies. In fact, you are also likely to hear rumors about Correa going elsewhere because that is how the hot stove really starts to heat up.

The best option for you is to ignore any rumors because nothing you hear will be confirmed over the next few weeks. Even if Correa and his camp have been leaking information, MLB teams cannot negotiate with the future Hall of Fame shortstop.

While the Carlos Correa to the Cubs rumor has been floated around, fans must stay patient.

Most Cubs fans likely had the signing of Carlos Correa on their Christmas list, and that might have actually happened had the league not been on strike. It’s not a major surprise that Correa has chosen to wait out the market a bit, as he will command the biggest free agent contract of the year. 

Adding Correa would indicate that the Cubs intend to compete for a title this season, but the team doesn’t appear to be in that situation yet. 

There are still many factors to consider before making any formal offer, and waiting for the official rules would be a big help. 


Seager Calling it Quits

There was once a time that many people thought the Cubs would target Corey Seager in free agency. The shortstop was clearly going to move on from the Dodgers, but he never really appeared to be a threat to sign with the Cubs.

Once Corey signed a massive deal with the Texas Rangers, the focus shifted to the Cubs signing his older brother, Kyle. Kyle Seager was once a dominant force in the middle of the Seattle Mariners lineup, but he struggled late.

Seager announced that his time in MLB was over, which took one free agent target away from the team. The Cubs were never going to win a World Series with Seager, but adding him to the roster would have brought plenty of positive attributes. 

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