No one really knew what the new Cubs’ front office was going to do this offseason, but a number of small moves were expected. There have actually been a couple of big signings already, and more could be on the way once the league ends the lockout.

The biggest reason that the Cubs have been able to make these moves is that the city of Chicago and the organization is still attractive to other players. Marcus Stroman made that clear in his signing announcement, and other big-name players have echoed those sentiments.

It used to be a challenge for the Cubs to attract free agents, especially those that were wanting to win a World Series. The Cubs aren’t in a position to win the World Series, but they could be if some other players were able to join the roster.

The fans should take a lot of credit for making, and keeping, the Cubs as an attractive free agent destination. Manager David Ross also deserves credit as he is a player’s manager, and one that knows how to win.

Because the Cubs play in such a popular location, the pressure is now on the front office to write some checks.

Frazier Ready to Get Going

Even though the Cubs aren’t able to work with any of their new players, it appears that one of the latest signings is ready to get going. Clint Frazier signed a one-year deal with the Cubs, and he continues to make comments about playing in Chicago.

Frazier was once a top prospect with the Yankees, and he actually had some big years with the team. The end of his Yankees tenure didn’t go well, and Frazier recently remade remarks about not being required to shave in Chicago.

A Reunion Coming For Someone?

It’s starting to sound like the Cubs are going to have a reunion with someone this offseason, but it’s hard to pick which player that could be. Javier Baez has already signed, and it seems pretty clear that Anthony Rizzo has no intentions of returning.

Jorge Soler and Joc Pederson have been two names that have been thrown around, but there are others as well. One name that doesn’t get mentioned much is Schwarber, but he might be the most valuable to a team like the Cubs.

There have been a number of teams expressing interest in signing Schwarber, but his apparent price tag is scaring people away. The Cubs have plenty of money, and they could do much worse than having Schwarber playing every day at some position.

Kris Bryant has also been rumored to be rejoining the Cubs, but that was seems a bit more far-fetched. Bryant live out West and that’s where he wants to go. Now he just needs a team that has some money.