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The Cubs Can Win the Central Division

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Can the Cubs win the Central Division? The 2022 MLB season is just starting, but the Cubs look better than expected.

The 2022 MLB season is only two weeks old, but it’s already time to make a bold prediction. The 2022 Chicago Cubs are good enough to win the Central Division, something that no one thought possible.

When the Cubs started trading away their core of players back in July 2021, everyone thought that 2022 would be a lost cause. This team still isn’t even close to being good enough to win a World Series, but they can make a run at a division title.

The biggest reason for this is the fact that the NL Central Division stinks. The Milwaukee Brewers are supposedly the best team in the division, but they have a long list of flaws.

St. Louis is always going to be in the mix as well, but that pitching staff is going to fall apart at some point. The Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates are awful and they are both headed to 100-loss seasons.

The Cubs have been one of the best offensive teams in baseball through the first two weeks, even if they don’t hit a ton of home runs. There are some solid hitters on this lineup, and they are going to grind out every single at-bat.

Another reason that the Cubs can win the division this season is the fact that Seiya Suzuki is the real deal. Suzuki is good enough to carry this team on offense, and he might be the best player in the NL Central Division already.

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Play the Best Nine

It is still hard to get a good read on manager David Ross, even though most would agree that he is great at his job. There has been plenty to complain about through the first two weeks though, especially when he posts the lineup every day.

Jason Heyward continues to see his name penciled into the lineup card, and there have been too many off days for some of the top players. Ross needs to play his best nine players everyday and only give them rest when absolutely needed.

To go along with this, Brennen Davis needs to be in Chicago at some point in May as he continues to tear it up at Triple A. The Cubs don’t have time to wait, and they need their best players on the field immediately.

Be Ready to Strike

It became pretty clear this offseason that a number of franchises have no desire to compete in 2022. That is particularly the case in the Central Division, but nearly half of the teams in MLB are going to be sellers at the Trade Deadline.

Jed Hoyer continues to say that he is going to intelligently add to this ballclub, but he could get some help as the season moves on. Teams will be looking to trade away some talent in an effort to shed payroll, and Hoyer should be ready to strike.

Give this team a real chance at winning, and the results will speak for themselves.

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