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Thoughts on the 2021 MLB Season Hashtags

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Every year on Opening Day, we are dazzled by amazing plays, crushed home runs, and upsets, as we saw on Thursday. However, there is something else that we learn on Opening Day, which spans throughout the globe: The MLB season hashtags.

Every year, all 30 teams develop a unique hashtag so fans can connect with the franchises through the lovely world of Twitter. Here are my thoughts on the 2021 MLB season hashtags

MLB Season Hashtags: National League East

 Miami Marlins: #JuntosMiami

Juntos: A group of persons joined for a common purpose. The MLB stadiums are allowing reduced capacity, but this is what Miami sees every year. The Marlins junto is very small.

Atlanta Braves: #ForTheA

This is flirting with creativity, but the Oakland Athletics have capital A’s trademarked.

Philadelphia Phillies: #RingTheBell

Philadelphia’s hashtag sounds like it was determined by the Philly Phanatic…

New York Mets: #LGM

#LGM is simple, but it’s very solid. This hashtag was definitely blowing up after signing Francisco Lindor Jr. to a ten-year deal worth $341 million.

Washington Nationals: #NATITUDE
The Nationals did not have much #NATITUDE in 2020, so hopefully, they learned how to play with a chip on their shoulders in the offseason. If they did not, forget about #NATITUDE.

MLB Season Hashtags: National League Central


Pittsburgh Pirates: #LetsGoBucs

The Pittsburgh Pirates are the worst team in the National League Central. They cannot refer to themselves as the Bucs. It’s disrespectful to Tom Brady and a true championship franchise.

Milwaukee Brewers: #ThisIsMyCrew

The Brew Crew crushed their hashtag. I have no complaints. Hopefully, Christian Yelich can hit as good as the team’s hashtag in 2021.

St. Louis Cardinals: #STLfly

Get it…#STL for St. Louis and fly because they are called the Cardinals! I think a little more creativity could have gone into this hashtag.

Chicago Cubs: #CubTogether

The Cubs need to come together because Opening Day was UGLY. They lost to the Pirates, the worst team in baseball.

Cincinnati Reds: #ATOBTTR

#ATOBTTR means “And This One Belongs to the Reds.” The only team that can get away with hashtags like this is the Dodgers, who regularly use #ITFDB (It’s time for Dodger Baseball). This is because Los Angeles wins games, except on Opening Day…

MLB Season Hashtags: National League West


Arizona Diamondbacks: #RattleOn

If rattle means lose to the Padres on Opening Day, it’s very fitting. This would be a great hashtag if the Diamondbacks were good.

San Diego Padres: #HungryForMore

The Padres have not accomplished anything besides sign the left side of their infield for the next decade. They should be #Starving after all the money they have spent.

Los Angeles Dodgers: #Dodgers

The Twitter world was picking on the Dodgers for their simple hashtag, but you know what this is: KING SH**.

Colorado Rockies: #Rockies

The Rockies seemed to follow the Dodgers lead in the hashtag department. #Rockies translated to an Opening Day win over the reigning champs.

San Francisco Giants: #ResilientSF

THE BEST HASHTAG OF 2021. You know why? Yeah I know you do.

MLB Season Hashtags: American League East

 Baltimore Orioles: #Birdland 

#Birdland is simple but iconic. It’s too bad the Orioles do not stand a chance in 2021.

Tampa Bay Rays: #RaysUp

Did Kevin Cash come up with this one? There is no way because he does not think outside of the box as we saw in the 2020 World Series.

New York Yankees: #SquadUp

The squad needs to come up because the Yankees have not been to the World Series in 12 years. Aaron Boone, you know that, right?

Toronto Blue Jays: #WeAreBlueJays

We know you are the Blue Jays. It’s very self-explanatory based on your team’s name. I did not need to see it again in your hashtag.

Boston Red Sox: #DirtyWater
The Red Sox have been celebrating their home victories with the son Dirty Water by The Standells since 1997. They needed to use it in their 2021 hashtag because they will not be hearing it enough inside Fenway Park this season. This was confirmed when they collected just two hits against the Orioles in a 3-0 loss on Opening Day.

MLB Season Hashtags: American League Central

Minnesota Twins: #MNTwins

I would have rather had Minnesota just go with #Twins, but I guess they had to differentiate themselves from parents of newborn twins tweeting pictures of their babies. They also could have tried to be creative?!

Kansas City Royals: #TogetherRoyal 

The Royals are not Royal on their own or together. Although, they will be able to get away with this hashtag in a few years, mark my words.

Detroit Tigers: #DetroitRoots

The Tigers are rooted in Detroit. This is a widely known fact. I did not need them to emphasize it in their hashtag.

Cleveland Indians: #OurCLE

This makes no sense. I guess it’s good that the Indians lost to the Tigers on Opening Day because the Twitter world did not need to be exposed to this awful hashtag.

 Chicago White Sox: #ChangeTheGame

The White Sox looked like the same team that we have known for years on Opening Day. They did not look like they changed anything in the offseason.

MLB Season Hashtags: American League West

Seattle Mariners: #SeaUsRise

Seattle looked good on Opening Day, and the Giants definitely saw them rise when the M’s scored six runs in the eighth and won in extra innings on Opening Day. #SeaUsRise is an excellent fit for the team.

Los Angeles Angels: #WeBelieve

It’s good that the Angels believe because the Twitter world does not think they stand a chance.

Oakland Athletics: #RiseAndGrind

The A’s rose on Opening Day, but Oakland was grinded into the ground by the Houston Astros. I do not think this is what the team intended their 2021 hashtag to mean.

Houston Astros: #ForTheH

The Astros should have used #ForTheCheaters. I would have followed that hashtag on Twitter.

Texas Rangers: #StraightUpTX

I like #StarightUpTX. It’s great for the team who will be watching a lot of balls fly straight up over their heads into the bleachers. The Rangers gave up 14 runs on Opening Day…YIKES!

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