The MLB season is coming close to starting, and the most talked about stat is obviously the home run. These are the top contenders for the home run leader when the season ends.

Aaron Judge

Until somebody dethrones him, Aaron Judge is the home run king. Judge was the talk of the baseball world, as he hit 62 home runs, breaking Roger Maris’ 61 home run record that many believed to be the true home run record due to the controversies around Barry Bonds.

Judge hit 16 more home runs than second-place Kyle Schwarber, so even if he does not match his record from last season, he has a large cushion to fall back and still win the home run Crown this season.

All those home runs earned Judge a massive contract from the Yankees, and he will be looking to prove New York correct and give him the deal.

Mike Trout

If there is a word to describe Mike trout, it is consistent. Trout is as reliable of a great player as you can expect in the MLB. Not only is Trout one of the best hitters in the league, but he hits a fair share of home runs himself.

Trout tied Pete Alonso last season with 40 home runs, but he will need to hit a ton more if he pulls the Los Angeles Angels out of the drought they are in. The Angels need trout more than ever and expect him to deliver.

Pete Alonso

There is not only one king of the home run in new york, as Pete Alonzo will be battling Aaron Judge for the home run Crown in the city and in the MLB.

Alonzo was fourth last year in home runs, hitting 40 balls over the park. However, there is no reason why Alonso cannot eclipse that number and even get close to the 50-home run range to make the home run-leading title a much closer race than many expect.

Shohei Ohtani

The Los Angeles Angels will be the only team on this list with two players in the race for the home run leader. Shohei Ohtani only ranked 11th last season, but he seems to garner more star power as the years go on. The only question will not be if Ohtani can elevate his home run numbers; it will be if his elevated home run numbers will be with the angels or a different team at the trade deadline.

Ohtani may come out this season with something to prove, as he will be fresh from the World Baseball Classic and looking for a massive payday in the off-season.

If Ohtani becomes the home run leader this season, his new contract will be astronomical.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr

Vladimir Guerrero Jr had a down year by his standards, which goes to show you what an incredible hitter Guerrero is. The big bat for the Toronto Blue Jays hit 32 home runs last year but was a 16-home run different than in 2021 when he hit 48. Expect Vladimir Guerrero Junior’s year to be similar to 2021.