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Top Prospects from Each MLB Team in 2022

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Top prospects are the life blood of major league baseball. People retire every season and new players need to replace them, In this article, I am looking at the best of the best of the young kids. Many say they are “can’t miss.” top prospects                               I am not sure about that but they possess the tools to be successful in the major leagues.

Top Prospects from Each MLB Team in 2022

                                                                      by Tom Knuppel

I have broken down top prospects into American League and National League and by division.

Top Prospects American League East

Baltimore Orioles Top Prospects

  1. Adley Rutschman- This catcher might be the top prospect in all of baseball. In Double-A and Triple-A ball he             combined for a .286 bating average and smacked 23 home runs and 25 doubles. At 6’2″ and 220 lbs and 24 years             old, the question remains as to whether the Orioles will begin his service time.

 2. Grayson Rodriguez– He is 6’5″ and 220 lbs and throws right handed. He will likely make his debut this                          year. In the minors in 2021, he struck out 163 in 103 innings.

 3. DL Hall– A left-handed top prospect pitcher that averaged 11.8 strikeouts every nine innings. Hall was the 21st pick in the   2017 draft. He is carded to see the major leagues sometime in 2022.

4. Gunnar Henderson– A shortstop that was drafted 42nd overall in the 2o19 draft out of Selma, Alabama.He                 played in all three levels in the minors last year and had 28 double,four triples,17 home run and 74 runs batted                      in, he likely will get another year of seasoning in the minor league in 2022,

5. Colton Cowser This left fielder will likely move up to Double-A next season. He has a great knack of                                 making contact when at the plate.  He was a first round pick in 2021.

6. Jordan Westburg– Another shortstop top prospect . He was the 30th overall pick in the 2020 draft.At three                         levels last year he hit .285 with 15 home runs , 27 doubles and 79 RBI’s. He may end up as a third baseman in                     the big leagues.

7. Heston Kjerstad –  Another left fielder in the top ten. Heston was a second overall pick in 2020. He may                          project to center field at the next level, Probably spend a couple of seasons in the minors.

8. Kyle Bradish– a right handed pitcher that pitched 13.2 scoreless innings in Double-A and that earn him a  promotion. He is likely to stay in Triple-A all year unless the Orioles get too many injuries.

9. Connor Norby– A second round pick out of East Carolina in 2021, Norby had an on base percentage of   .473 in 25 games. He has several years to refine his craft before he is needed.

10. Kyle Stowers– Outfielder that was named co-minor league player of the year with Rutschman. He                                         played on several levels and will start at Triple-A for Baltimore.

Red Sox prospect Triston Casas

Boston Red Sox Top Prospects

  1.  Marcelo Mayer– He is projected to be a plus plus defender as a top prospect shortstop. He never lifted weights until he was signed professionally and it is helping his game stamina. Mayer bats left and is 6’3″ and 188 lbs, He was drafted in the fourth round of the 2021 draft.  He batted ,275 in 26 games in the rookie league. The Boston shortstop of the future but several years down the road.
  2. Triston Casas- first baseman at 6’5″ and 252 lbs. this left-handed bat is still growing. He has good bat speed and can mash to all fields. He has the ability to be a prolific hitter in Fenway Park someday soon.
  3. Nick Yorke– second baseman that can flat out hit for average. . He was a first round pick in the 2020 draft. He hit .325 and mashed 18 home runs in is first year of minor league baseball.
  4. Jarren Duran-His tools will take  him a long way. He has power and speed with 19 home runs and 16 stolen bases in 60 games at Triple-A, Quality outfielder that projects to be in the lineup in 2022.
  5. Bryan Bello– A right-handed pitcher that can hit 100 mph on his fastball . Went from High-A to Double-A last season. He might be 1-2 years away but is coming to a mound  near you soon.
  6. Bryan Mata- A righty pitcher that is recovering from Tommy John surgery. Throws heat and an excellent slider. A few years away if he progresses well.
  7. Blaze Jordan– A third baseman that was a successful high school home run derby king. He shows tremendous power and a good glove at this position.
  8. Gilberto Jimenez– An outfielder with plenty of athletic ability but sometimes shows weak contact. He had a .306 average but little else with the bat.
  9. Jay Groome– Left handed pitcher that had Tommy John surgery in 2018. Since then his breaking pitches have lacked some bite.
  10. Jeter Downs- A second baseman that only hit .190 last season. This former first round pick needs to pick it up on offense,. Also, he had shaky moments in the field.

New York Yankees Top Prospects

  1. Anthony Volpe-a top prospect shortstop who had a breakout season in 2021 with 27 home runs and 33 steals at both levels of A ball. He worked hard during the pandemic season and it has shown He is 5’1″ and 180 lbs. that will likely see 2023 for his MLB debut.
  2. Oswald Peraza-Another shortstop that has the defense to play now in the  major leagues and his bat is coming close to that level with 26 home runs in 2021.
  3. Jasson Dominguez– He is loaded with potential and now must must be more consistent. A switch  hitting outfielder at 5’10” and 190 lbs. He could get a call up in 2023.
  4. Austin Wells– a 6’2″ 220 lb. left handed hitting catcher must still work his way through Double-A and Triple A this year. They expect him to arrive in 2023. Defense must improve. 
  5. Trey Sweeney– another shortstop prospect. This one may move to third base as he has a potential  impactful bat. He is 6’4″ an 200 lbs and has  2024 ETA for the major leagues.
  6. Luis Gil–  a right-handed pitcher that had six starts for the Yankees and finished with a 3.07 ERA and flashed  great high octane pitches. He must work on throwing more strikes.
  7. Ben Waldichuk– a 6’4″ 220 lb left-handed pitcher that hits mid 90’s. He finished with 13 strike outs to every nine innings last season. He probably will get a call up this year.
  8. Luis Medina-A right-handed flame thrower that hit 102 mph. He struck out 133 in 106 innings. Looks to begin season in Triple-A.
  9. Deivi Garcia– a right-handed tosser that made two starts last year and had some issues with a 6,48 ERA and in Triple-A finished with a 6.85 ERA. He is small at 5’9″ and 163 lbs. The Yankees see potential.
  10. Elijah Dunham- An outfielder that the team took in the five round draft. He finished with a .825 OPS at the A level and had a fantastic Arizona Fall League as he hit ,357.

Tampa Bay Rays Top Prospects

  1. Shane Baz– As a top prospect.he made a leap through the organization from Double-A to Triple-A and finally started Game 2 of the ALDS. Right handed pitcher at 6’2″and 190 lbs, he will be an everyday starter in 2022.
  2. Josh Lowe- An outfielder on the rise in Tampa and a hard worker. He flew through the different levels. He was a first round pick in 2016. He is ready for majors in 2022.
  3. Vidal Brujan– He flashed speed and the ability to make contact in 103 games at Triple-A. He is listed as the 2nd best top prospect in the Rays organization.
  4. Curtis Mead– Mead can play first or third base. He was impressive at Triple-A and the Arizona Fall League. He is 6’2″ and 171 lbs. Also plays second base, His versatility makes him a top prospect.
  5. Taj Bradley– a right -handed thrower, he finished with a 12-3 record and 123 strikeouts in 103 innings, At 6’2″ and 190 lbs, he will be ready in 2023.
  6. Greg Jones– he was a first round pick in 2018 from the shortstop position.His time spent in Double-A was not very productive.
  7. Xavier Edwards- he can play most infield positions and now will encounter Triple-A in 2022.
  8. Tommy Romero– A right-handed hurler and was strong in AAA ball and now is on the 40 man roster and will get some major league time in 2022.
  9. Willy Vasquez– Anther infielder and has skills at the shortstop position. He has been a pleasant surprise for the Rays
  10. Colby White– Right-handed pitcher that came through the 2019 draft from Mississippi State. He went through all the levels and had 104 strikeouts in 62 innings and 1.44 ERA. Will be in major league uniform in 2022.

Toronto Blue Jays Top Prospects

  1. Gabriel Moreno– a catcher with a bat is a premium and he made it look easy at Double-A and then the Arizona Fall League. It is likely he will be a major league starter after 50 games into the season for Toronto.
  2. Orelvis Martinez– a shortstop and a complete hitter. He hit 26 home runs in Class A ball. Unfortunately, he is blocked by Bo Bichette at the next level. Look for 2023 for his debut ot a trade.
  3. Nate Pearson- top pitcher who is just waiting to get healthy after sports hernia issue. Will get the call in 2023 if all goes well.
  4. Jordan Groshans– a left side infielder that hit ,291 in 316 at-bats in Double-A. Look for a call to get to majors if someone goes down on major league roster.
  5. Gunnar Hoglund– right-handed pitcher that had Tommy John surgery in May and working on getting stronger. He was a first round 2021 pick out of Ole Miss.
  6. Otto Lopez-A speedster with versatility. Can play infield or outfield. Has had a cup of coffee in the majors after two good years at high minor league levels.
  7. Kevin Smith – a shortstop top prospect that dominated in the minors and has had a few stops in the major leagues.
  8. Manuel Beltre– Was top signing during international draft. He can hit the ball to all fields. Primarily a shortstop that may pass others on the way up.
  9. Ricky Tiedemann– a lefty hurler that was plucked out of junior college ranks. He is expected to get long work or start at next level.
  10. Leo Jimenez- Another shortstop top prospect. a good glove candidate that is willing to take walks and doesn’t strikeout much.

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Top Prospects American League Central

Chicago White Sox Top Prospects

                             Yoelqui Cespedes Top international signing of White Sox

  1. Colson Montgomery– a shortstop at 6’4″ and 205 was: Drafted in the 1st round (22nd) of the 2021 MLB June Amateur Draft. He considered playing D1 basketball but the baseball offer is what he took . He is the future of the South Side.
  2. Yoelqui Cespedes– He must improve on striking out less but has plus defensive abilities in the outfield and speed all around. He was an international signing. 
  3. Jake Burger- a third base prospect who produced 36 extra base hits in Charlotte and hit .263 in 15 games in the big leagues.
  4. Norge Viera– a right-handed pitcher who fanned 34 batters in 19 innings at the DSL. The White Sox have a Cuban connection and this hurler hails from there.
  5. Wes Kath– at 19 years of age and a third baseman while batting left handed is rare. He has a power stroke. He was drafted away from his commitment to Arizona State. He is a few years away and must touch all levels of minor league baseball first.
  6. Jose Rodriguez– He showed off his glove at the Arizona Fall League and hit ,301 in three levels of the minors. He is still a few years away from the majors. Several others after that spot ahead of him or near his.
  7. Matthew Thompson– Righty hurler that many claim is the most complete pitcher in the organization. He threw nine scoreless innings to finish off the Low-A season. He is 6’3″ and 195 lbs.
  8. Jared Kelley- another right-handed pitcher. He had some injuries that kept him off the mound. Threw only 23 innings in Low-A ball. He is a strikeout pitcher.
  9. Andrew Dalquist– another right-hander but this one struggled with his control a he walked 56 in 63 innings. He will get the obligatory promotjon .
  10. Romy Gonzalez- he led the White Sox minor leaguers in offense with 24 home runs at Double-A and Triple-A. He is still  few seasons away and has some prospects ahead of him.

Cleveland Guardians Top Prospects

  1. Daniel Espino– He is ready to go as a former #2 pick,Struck out 152 in 91 innings for two Single-A teams. At 6’2″ 205 lbs. this right handed pitcher will get a call-up.
  2. Tyler Freeman. He had a left shoulder surgery and now looking for rebound. He is 6’0″ 190 lbs and ready to play shortstop in Cleveland.
  3. Brayan Rocchio–  shortstop with a bat. Recently was added to the 40-man roster. a 5’10” 170 lbs he will see major league action in 2023.
  4. George Valera- the Guardians need outfielders and this is one that is flying through the minors. He showed lots of power in Double-A last year. He bats left and is 5’11” 185 lbs and can play center field.
  5. Gabriel Arias– shortstop at 6’1″ and 217 lbs. He showed lots of skills at Triple-A with the bat. good chance to make the opening day roster.
  6. Nolan Jones– A third baseman that is rehabbing an injury to his ankle. Likely next one up at his position in Cleveland once healthy.
  7. Bo Naylor– a catcher that bats left-handed. His bat is fine but had a very slow start at Double-A. He flashes power and can handle a pitching staff very well.
  8. Jose Tena- another shortstop. The Guardians have a flood of middle infielders but that in always a good thing. .Tena hit 16 home runs in Class A and won the batting title at the Arizona Fall League.
  9. Richie Palacios– he is an infielder and out fielder that had a good Double-A and Triple-A season. He could help the big club in 2022.
  10. Bryan Lavastida– another catcher. he went through all of the minor league levels in 2021. Defense is his weakest part but due to necessity, the Guardians may call him up.

Detroit Tigers Top Prospects

Spencer Torkelson ready to hit.
  1. Riley Greene– he was the 5th overall selection in the 2019 draft. Greene has shown success at every level so far. He batted .308 in Triple-A in 2021. He could make the opening day roster.
  2. Spencer Torkelson– at 6’1″ and 210 lbs, he is a right-handed hitting first baseman and sometimes play third base. He was the top overall pick in 2020. He torched all three levels of the minors and was hot at the Arizona Fall League until he sprained an ankle. Going to major leagues is a forgone conclusion in 2022.
  3. Jackson Jobe- RHP He didn’t pitch in 2021 but look for meteoric rise this season.
  4. Dillon Dingler– at 6’3″ and 21o lbs., he is a righty hitter who was 38th overall pick in 2020. For a catcher, he has speed and athleticism. Looking at 2023 for a major league call-up.
  5. Ty Madden-He was a standout right-handed pitcher at University of Texas. He hasn’t made his professional debut yet. Shows composure and talent and will move up fast.
  6. Gage Workman is a shortstop  that was once a third baseman. Shows complete package ass top prospect  of speed, power and defensive skills to get a quick call to Detroit.
  7.  Ryan Kreidler– another shortstop that will likely have to move to second to get moved up. .In Triple-A, this product of UCLA hit .270 in 2021.
  8. Roberto Campos an outfielder from Cuba that shows plenty of power. At 6’3″ an 200 lbs he could need another year of seasoning.
  9. Izaac Pacheco– a big shortstop prospect at 6’4″ and 225 lbs, A good lefty bat that will move to third someday.
  10.  Joey Wentz is a left handed pitcher that has surgery in 2019 and finished well in 2021

Kansas City Royals Top Prospects

Bobby Witt Jr.


  1. Bobby Witt-A shortstop that earned Minor League Player of the Year. Destined to get the call soon. One of the top prospects in all of baseball.
  2. MJ Melendez – a catcher that will benefit from major league manger Mike Matheny. He hit 41 home runs between Double- A and Triple-A last season.
  3. Nick Prater– first baseman that smacked 36 homers in 124 games between top to levels of minor leagues.
  4. Asa Lacy-Lefty pitcher with big time swing and miss stuff. Must work on control  and walk less batters.
  5. Kyle Isbel– outfielder that made opening day roster but a sent ot Double-A and hit 265.
  6. Jackson Kowar– A right-handed pitcher from the 2018 draft, he has already had a call to the majors but allowed four runs in seven of nine appearances in the Show.
  7.  Frank Mozzicato- left hand hurler that is said to have the best curveball in Royals organization.
  8. Ben Kudrna– is a 6’3″ right handed pitcher who had  good slider and a mid 90’s fastball. A product of LSU an a local Kansas City high school.
  9.  Erick Pena he may turn out to be a five tool player and has all the likeness of Carlos Beltran.  They will season him for a few years before getting the call.
  10. Jonathan Bowlan- a big right handed pitcher at 6’6″ and 240 lbs. He will miss the entire season after Tommy John surgery.

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Minnesota Twins Top Prospects

Austin Martin
  1. Austin Martin– he was Toronto’s #1 pick in 2020 and then included in the Jose Berrios trade.  listed as a shortstop but likely will be a more than capable center field  player for the Twins.
  2. Royce Lewis– another shortstop and would have played in the major in previous to season but has been hurt. He and the above Martin will be next big league shortstop in Minnesota.
  3. Joe Ryan– a right handed pitcher that has already been in majors with success including 30 strikeouts in 26 innings and  a fantastic WHIP in Triple-A. Ready now.
  4. Jose Miranda- a major league ready hitter as he smashed 32 doubles and 30 homers in top two levels of the minor leagues. He can play second or third base.
  5. Jordan Balazovic– a 6’5″ 215 lb. right handed pitcher could wee himself in the rotation in 2022 in Minnesota.
  6. Josh Winder– another right handed hurler who may get a late season call. He had tired shoulder at conclusion of 2021 season.
  7. Trevor Larnach an outfielder that got a taste of big leagues and things didn’t go well. He hit .223 in 79 games and fanned 104 times. He will get another chance soon.
  8. Simeon Woods Richardson– Acquired in the Jose Berrios trade, he is a right handed pitcher that struggled ssome in Double-A but still averaged 13 strikeout per nine innings.
  9. Jhoan Duran-  a hard throwing right hander at 6’5″ and 230 -pounds. He can touch 100 mph wit his fastball but had a sore right elbow part of last year.
  10. Matt Canterino- the Twins are loaded with right handed pitching prospects and this is another, This one had elbow issues and is still in lower levels of minor leagues.

Top Prospects American League West

Houston Astros Top Prospects

Korey Lee
  1. Korey Lee–  catcher that is a defense first guy but hit .277 in three levels last year. Can make contact. He is coveted by many in a trade but likely gets a nod this year to move to major leagues for Houston.
  2. Jeremy Pena– had injury issues last year with a fractured wrist  but had 18 extra bade hits in 37 games. He is their top shortstop prospect.
  3. Hunter Brown – a right handed hurler who averaged fanning 11 batter every  nine innings. He has four pitches that work for him.
  4. Pedro Leon– a center fielder that can play shortstop if needed. He was signed for $4 mil out of Cuba.
  5. Alex Santos II-made his pro debut in lower levels as a right-handed pitcher and registered 3.46 ERA with 48 strikeouts in 41.2 innings of work.
  6. Joe Perez– Third baseman who slugged .495 and .849 OPS in Double-A play. He lost some earlier time due to Tommy John surgery.
  7. Tyler Whitaker– an outfielder that will make professional debut in 2022.
  8. Shawn Dubin– right handed hurler with best slider in organization and  fastball that can reach 100 mph. He should see majors in 2022 season.
  9. Peter Solomon– another right side pitcher. He had a cup of coffee in majors and allowed two earned run in 14 innings for Houston.
  10. Forest Whitley– At one time was on top of this list but has lost three seasons and now is rehabbing from Tommy John surgery.

Los Angeles Angels Top Prospects

lefty Reid Detmers


  1. Reid Detmers- left handed pitcher and a very top prospect. He got a few starts last season and was 1-3. Big things are expected from him
  2. Sam Bachman – right handed pitcher who showed velocity increasing and command of his pitches. Likely will see time in majors this season.
  3. Jordyn Adams– they signed him before his commitment  to Univ. of North Carolina. He is still early in the process and need to work on skills.
  4. Kenny Rosenberg-  another lefty pitcher who came through Rays organization. In Triple A last season he had 43 strikeout in 30.2 innings and a 2.35 ERA.
  5. Chris Rodriguez– out for the entire 2022 season due to shoulder surgery.
  6. Kyren Paris– a shortstop who was slowed down by injury. was selected in second round of 2019 draft.
  7. Arol Vera– shortstop from Venezuela that hit .304 in 57 games in Single A ball during 2021 season.
  8. Ky Bush–  a big lefty and 6’8″ and 240 lbs who struck out 20 in 12 innings of Single -A ball.
  9. Jeremiah Jackson– shortstop prospect who smacked 23 home runs in the Pioneer League in 2019. But has the tendency to strikeout too much.
  10. Alexander Ramirez– an 18 year old outfielder with a big strong swing and athletic build from the Dominican Republic.

Oakland Athletics Top Prospects

Tyler Soderstrom
  1. Tyler Soderstrom– a catcher that can hit but needs some defensive work. Hit 12 homers in 57 games and a .308 average. Had an obliques strain and was limited.
  2. Max Muncy- plays shortstop  with serious power. Chose playing A-ball instead of Arkansas to college.A t 5’8″ and 156 lbs. ,he is a small but mighty player with Altuve comparisons.
  3. Nick Allen– a shortstop that many are calling the best in the minor leagues.Played for USA Olympic team. He can play third base. Fast riser.
  4. Zack Gelof- plays third base and hit .333 in pro debut. In 2021, he went from Low-A to Triple-A in one season. Targeted for 2025.
  5. A.J. Puk– Injuries have plagued him. He was once a top of the rotation guy and now is likely to be a call to the pen.
  6. Daulton Jefferies– first pitcher on this list for Oakland. A righty with health concerns but if ready will get a call to the majors soon.
  7. Pedro Pineda– plays outfield. Played some games in the Dominican League before his call to minors in Arizona. A few seasons from the big leagues.
  8. Jordan Diaz– the A’s protected him from Rule 5 draft by placing him on 40 -man roster. He is a very good hitter and was moved to outfield from third to use his speed. Look for 2023 for him to get a call-up.
  9. Robert Puason- another shortstop that works with A’s coaches and is impressive. He is 6’3″ and still a few years away. Could move to corner infield t third if needed.
  10. Brayan Buelvas- A young outfielder. He hit 17 home runs in Single-A ball . Called   pure hitter by the organization, signed out of Colombia. He needs one more year of seasoning.

Seattle Mariners Top Prospects

  1. Julio Rodriguez He is an outfielder and a beast. Superstar is in his future. Look for him this year on  ball field near you.
  2. George Kirby – a right handed pitcher who had 80 strikeouts in just 67 innings pitched along with only 15 walks. Looking to start the season in Double-A ball but could progress quickly.
  3. Noelvi Marte- a young shortstop that has plenty of promise for the future. Will get more minor league seasoning.
  4. Matt Brash– a righty pitcher that was acquired from the Padres. Has a high octane fastball  and a wicked slider. Last season he amassed 142 strikeouts in 97 innings.
  5. Brandon Williamson–  a lefty hurler with four quality pitches. He will likely be first up this year when needed.
  6. Emerson Hancock– He was out for a bit with an oblique issue. He should be ready to get work in the minors this year.
  7. Harry Ford– a mature catcher that checks all of the boxes. He is strong and exudes physical strength. Also is advanced in his hitting. In the rookie league he slashed .291/.400/.482 with three home runs, ten RBI’s, seven doubles, nine walks and 14 strikeouts over 55 at-bats. Headed to Arizona Complex.
  8. Zach Deloach- he plays outfield  and shows good skills and plate discipline. Will start in Double-A ball, however, likely a quick mover.
  9. Connor Phillips- shows a power fastball just under 100 mph. Now the organization must correct his mechanics before he can get the call.
  10. Levi Stoudt– a right-handed hurler who is fully recovered from Tommy John surgery in 2019. He can start and relieve with his power pitching.

Texas Rangers Top Prospects

Jack Leiter
  1. Jack Leiter- He was drafted from the Vanderbilt program (pitcher) with lots of press around him. Son of former MLB’er Al Leiter. He will make his professional debut likely working his way from bottom to top of minor league hierarchy in 2022.
  2. Josh Jung– he hit well in Double-A and Triple-A. Many believe he could start at third this season in the majors but on February 23, 2022, Jung underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder.
  3.  Cole Winn– a right-handed pitcher, he worked on his delivery and increased his numbers in the minor league. Finished with 11 strikeouts every nine innings.
  4. Justin Foscue- a second baseman with plenty of power in his bat but has some defensive concerns.
  5. Dustin Harris he can play either corner of the infield and can hit the ball to all field. Still a few years away from the big leagues.
  6. Owen White– a right handed pitcher with a good four-seamer. Had a stellar 1.91 ERA and 29 punch outs in 28 innings at Single-A ball.
  7. Josh Smith– plays a few infield spots. Was acquired from Yankees in Joey Gallo deal. Good on base guy.
  8.  Sam Huff– a catcher with a powerful bat. Knee concerns may move him to first base.
  9. Ezequiel Duran Also in the Gallo deal. Big power bat had 22 homers in Class A and Arizona Fall League combined.
  10.  Ricky Vanasco–  right handed pitcher with a 100 mph fastball. Coming off Tommy John surgery in 2020.


Top Prospects National League East

Atlanta Braves Top Prospects

  1. Michael Harris II– He has the stuff to hit 20 bombs and steal 20 bases but is at least a year away. Bats left and Plays in the outfield.
  2. Drew Waters– outfielder who declined in Triple A so they will be slow to call him up. Is a center fielder that can hit it a long way when he connects.
  3. Kyle Muller– a 6’7″ 250 lbs left-handed pitcher who has a good spin rate but not a hard tosser. If needed. he may get a call.
  4. Tucker Davidson– another lefty pitcher who may see some big league action in 2022. He serves four main pitches highlighted by a 97 mph moving fastball.
  5. Jared Shuster– lefty hurler that was drafted in first round out of Wake Forest. His key pitch is the change-up and he throws a slider and fastball.
  6.  Jesse Franklin– an outfielder with power on power. His issue is striking out too much.
  7. Spencer Strider- righty pitcher who had  breakout season and got in two major league games. Projects to be a long reliever.
  8. Vaughn Marquis-is a shortstop at 6’3′ and 180 lbs. Comes with good approach to plate. May be a third baseman at next level.
  9. Brendan Shewmake– shortstop prospect was drafted 21st out of Texas A&M. He is a contact hitter that can spray the ball around. Decent with the glove may get a chance in 2022 to help the big club.
  10. Freddy Tarnok– right-handed pitcher that can hit 99 mph at times. He was a two-way player when drafted. He has a tight curve with good spin rate.

Miami Marlins Top Prospects

  1. Sixto Sanchez– flame throwing right handed pitcher is still recovering from shoulder surgery he had in July. Once he is ready, he may get a chance to play in the majors.
  2. Kahlil Watson-a shortstop that is 5’9″ and 176 lbs. is really an offensive player that makes contact and sometimes flashes power.
  3. Eury Perez-was Minor League Player of the Year in the organization. . this right-handed pitcher is 6’8″ and had a combined ERA of 1.86 on High-A and Low-A last season.
  4. Edward Cabrera- another righty pitcher who showed domination in the minors. He was a call-up last season. He struggled in six of his seven start with 16 walks in 20 innings.
  5. Max Meyer- Right-handed hurler that was named Double-A South Pitcher of the Year. Finished in Triple- and is now knocking on the Marlins door.
  6. JJ Beday– an outfielder that struggled early but showed promise in the Arizona Fall League.
  7. Dak Fulton-left-handed pitcher at 6’7″ 225 lbs. , he was selected 3rd overall in the 2020 draft out of high school. Has nice curveball and a downhill fastball. He is working on a change-up. Looks like a 2024 arrival.
  8. Joe Mack– a catcher that has started slow with the bat. Projected ETA is 2025.
  9. Jose Salas-a good hitting shortstop that got a quick promotion to Low-A last year.
  10. Jake Elder-left handed pitcher that will miss 2022 season due to Tommy John surgery. Talented.

New York Mets Top Prospects

  1. Francisco Alvarez– a top prospect catcher with a bat. He his .417 in Low-A and then in 84 games at High-A he smacked 22 home runs. Likely spend one more year in the minor leagues.
  2. Brett Baty– plays third base and bats left with power to all fields. Played several games in the outfield to give the Mets more options. Could see big league time in 2022.
  3. Ronny Mauricio–  a shortstop that has had a lack of getting on base but shows plenty of power. Next year is his time.
  4. Matt Allan– right-handed pitcher that had Tommy John surgery last year. Possesses a nice curve and change but lacks experience.
  5. J.T. Ginn- right handed hurler out of Mississippi State that pitched in the low to mid-90’s with his fastball that creates weak contact
  6. Mark Vientos-a 6’4″ 185 lbs third baseman who smacked 25 home runs combined in Double-A and Triple-A He also learned to play first base. Possible to get  call this year.
  7. Alex Ramirez– an outfielder that still needs a couple years of minor league experience but has the tools. He had 16 steals and 5 home runs in Low-A at age 18.
  8. Nick Plummer minor league free agent signed out of Cardinals organization as an outfield prospect. He can hit  with some power.
  9. Khalil Lee-an outfielder that owned the Triple-A with 37 steals and a .274 average   He has the speed to get a call-up in 2022 season.
  10. Dominic Hamel– pitches right-handed with a high spin rate on all of his pitches. He is a strikeout pitcher.
    Probably two years away from majors

Philadelphia Phillies Top Prospects

  1. Maick Abel– A right-handed pitcher which projects to be a top-of-the-rotation guy. Has a power arm and all of the pitches. Still 1-2 years away.
  2. Bryson Stott– a shortstop who may make the club as starter with good bat and good on base . His glove is above average and checks all the boxes.
  3. Andrew Painter– a righty pitcher that registered 12 strikeout in six innings in low minors. He has several years of seasoning to go through.
  4. Johan Rojas- a center fielder with speed and power in his bat. He put it together in 2021. Will likely see the entire year in the minor leagues.
  5. Logan O’Hoppe– a strong defensive catcher with a bat that keeps getting better. He is ready for the major leagues in 2022.
  6. Yhoswar Garcia– plays center field and struggled in 2021. received a $4.1 million bonus. Phillies will be patient.  Eyeing 2024 for his chance.
  7. Hans Crouse–  right handed pitcher that was former pick of the Rangers. He has a very good slider but there has been a drop in velocity on some pitches. Best fit in relief.
  8. Rafael Marchan- a catcher that hasn’t hit the ball on a regular basis. He has high baseball IQ and a good defensive back stop.
  9. Simon Muzziotti– missed the 2021 season due to passport issues Plays center and is fine on both sides of the ball.
  10. Luis Garcia a middle infielder that got  40 man spot on roster. He showed tons of improvement in 2021.


Washington Nationals Top Prospects

Keibert Ruiz
  1. Keibert Ruiz catcher top prospect that destroyed Triple-A in 2021 with 21 home runs in 72 games and a .993 OPS.Played in 23 games with 4 homers last year in the major leagues.
  2. Cade Cavalli– toe through the minors but hit a bump at triple-A . He can throw a fastball 100 mph. He also is  using two different types of breaking pitches. At 6’4″ and 240 lbs. He will get major league starts in 2022.
  3. Brady House– exudes athleticism and there was talk of moving him to a corner infield instead of leaving him at short.
  4. Yasel Antuna- outfielder , formerly a shortstop. is working on defensive skills. Close to majors.
  5. Cole Henry– right-handed pitcher that had some elbow issues last year .His three pitches include mid-90’s fastball. a very good change-up and a curve which still needs working on.
  6. Joan Adon– Since he signed in 2016, this right handed pitcher has been through of all of the minor league levels and now just waiting for the call.
  7. Andry Lara– signed in 2019 through the international draft. a right-handed pitcher that just completed Low- A ball. Still a few seasons away.
  8. Armando Cruz- a shortstop that may have an elite glove. Has shown tons of progress with the bat but still has work to do.
  9. Jackson Rutledge- righty hurler that can throw heat and is 6’8″ 245lbs. . He had some shoulder issues last year. Likely his first call to the big leagues will be in relief role.
  10. Gerardo Carrillio– right-handed pitcher who throws hard and already has been pegged to help the Nationals big club in 2022.

Top Prospects National League Central

Chicago Cubs Top Prospects

Top Prospects

  1. Brennan Davis – a top prospect outfielder that has gone through each of the levels in the minor leagues and now when will the  Cubs start his service time
  2. Christian Hernandez-  a shortstop that played in 47 games in the Dominican Summer League with 27 steals and an .822 OPS.
  3. Brailyn Marquez  a left-handed pitcher but lost some time during 2021 due to a shoulder strain. Cubs are banking on him in near future.
  4. Kevin Alcantara– plays center field. was acquired in Rizzo deal. Once he fills out, more power will follow.
  5. Owen Caissie– got the arm to play right field. Acquired in Darvish deal. Has a power stroke.
  6.  Jordan Wicks– left-handed pitcher that has a fantastic change-up. Needs more time.
  7. Reginald Preciado- Also came in the Yu Darvish deal. He can play several infield spots. Is a switch hitter and hsd an .894 OPS during rookie season.
  8.  Ed Howard– a shortstop that was #1 pick by Cubs in 2020. Struggled at the plate last year.
  9. Miguel Amaya- a catcher with power and bat control. Had Tommy John surgery and may miss considerable time in 2022.
  10. Nelson Velasquez– an outfielder with speed and athleticism. Likely to make the club out of spring training.


Cincinnati Reds Top Prospects

  1. Jose Barrero– a top prospect shortstop who has struggled offensively but still viewed as the Reds future. In 45 MLB games  batted .197.
  2. Hunter Greene a right-handed pitcher with 104 mph fastball also has a plus slider. Could be top-of-the-rotation guy. 
  3. Nick Lodolo- a left-handed hurler who has some shoulder issues but he  walks few and his stuff will play in the majors.
  4. Elly De La Cruz a shortstop that will develop power . Must work on plate recognition to show improvement. He may be blocked by Berrero and make a position change.
  5. Matt McClain– another shortstop as a top prospect for the Reds. His ability to get on base will likely necessitate  move to second or third base.
  6. Jay Allen II– an outfielder that has some power to use. He was a three sport star and compensation for Trevor Bauer.
  7. Austin Hendrick an outfielder that is feast or famine with the bat. He strikes out too much but can pulverize a ball if he connects.
  8. Dauri Moreta. right-handed pitcher that has been around while. Is getting control issues resolved. Allowed 6 runs in 53 games at Double-A  and Triple-A combined.
  9. Rece Hinds– plays third base and he also possesses power but has holes in his bat and fans too much. Had a torn meniscus and missed portions of last season.
  10. Graham Ashcraft- right handed hurler  that combines his slider and fastball. Looks destined to be in the pen when ready.

Milwaukee Brewers Top Prospects

  1. Aaron Ashby- left-handed pitcher looks to be available soon a a starter or a reliever. Uncle was former player in majors.
  2. Brice Turang- an infielder has been through each level of minors and is waiting. He has a defensive glove that would play well in Milwaukee. 
  3.  Garrett Mitchell- plays in center who dominated High-A ball and then struggled at the net level. Still needs time.
  4. Sal Frielick– another outfielder for the Brewers. He showed off batting skills in the minors. When one is needed this player will likely get the call.
  5. Hedbert Perez– as a son of former major leaguer, he was signed at age 16 and many believe he has star written all over him in the majors. Plays in outfield.
  6. Ethan Small- a 6’4″  210 lbs.left-handed pitcher is likely to make his major league debut in 2022 for the Brewers.he fanned 11.7 batters every nine innings.
  7. Marco Feliciano– a catching prospect and is solid behind the plate and with the bat. Look for him to get a chance starting in 2023.
  8. Jefferson Quero– also a catcher and likely headed to majors  but has several minor league stops to make. Great trade candidate.
  9. Joe Gray, Jr.– an out fielder that the organization is high on. Maybe in line for 2023.
  10. Joey Wiemer another  out field  prospect. at 6’5″ and 210 lbs.will look good in 2023 next to Jefferson Quero at Miller Park.

Pittsburgh Pirates Top Prospects

  1. ONeil Cruz-  a 6’7″shortstop that made his debut on the closing weekend last season. He has plenty of power to succeed in the big leagues.
  2. Henry Davis- a catcher with a big bat and loads of power. He could end up as a corner infielder or outfielder at major league level.
  3. Nicky Gonzales– another shortstop out of New Mexico State-he may transition to second base.
  4.  Roansy Contreras– right-handed pitcher that check o\all of the boxes at the minor league level and added three scoreless innings in the majors.
  5. Quinn Priester- right-handed pitcher- he has a high ceiling and many feel he is ace material in the major leagues.
  6. Liover Peguero- probably the best shortstop prospect on Pirates list and that is quite an accomplishment. He brings a live bat along with elite defensive glove.
  7. Endy Rodriguez  a switch hitting first baseman that still needs a few years of work to get the call.
  8. Anthony Solomento– a left-handed hurler that flashes above average stuff including his fastball and curve. May project to the pen.
  9. Michael Burrows– a right-handed pitcher that received a big bonus out of high school and is showing great potential.
  10. Csrmen Mlodzinski- righty hurler with 90 mph fastball and good mix of cutter,slider and changeup

St Louis Cardinals Top Prospects

Top Prospects

  1. Jordan Walker–  3rd baseman- He hit the first pitch of his pro career out for  home run. Had as spectacular season in minors. Has to sit behind Nolan Arenado for a chance.
  2. Nolan Gorman– a power bat that came up as a third baseman and was moved to second to expedite his arrival in the majors. He will get some major league time in 2022. He may be perfect DH material.
  3. Matthew Liberatore- as left-handed pitcher that completed Triple-A with a 2.67 ERA. He came to Cardinals in the Randy Arozarena deal.
  4. Lars Nootbar- an outfielder that has seen plenty of major league time. He was successful at the end of season and Arizona Fall League. Some have him penciled in as a rotating DH in 2022 for Cardinals.
  5. Michael McGreevy– a right-handed pitcher – first pro season coming and looking at Double-A ball. The organization is high on him.
  6. Ivan Herrera- a catcher that may be heir to Yadier Molina in St. Louis. He works hard to stay close to him every spring.
  7. Joshua Baez outfielder that was going to Vanderbilt but signed with Cardinals. there is plenty to like with his strength and athleticism. He has a high ceiling.
  8. Juan Yepez- corner infielder that the Cardinals like for his bat. He showed success at Arizona Fall League and now may get some DH work when teams break camp.
  9. Masyn Winn– two-way player that pitched right and plays shortstop. He can throw 98 mph and hit and steal 30 plus bases.
  10. Zack Thompson- lefty pitcher that started in Triple-A and struggled but was very good in Fall League. Look to be 2023/24 for arrival

National League West Top Prospects

Arizona Diamondbacks Top Prospects

  1. Jordan Lawlar- shortstop top prospect- has many Gatorade player of the Year awards. Give him 2-3 years of work in minors.
  2. Corbin Carroll- outfielder- had shoulder surgery in May but projects to have a top of the order bat that can help Arizona.
  3. Alex Thomas– close to playing outfield for the DBacks. He set records in double-A and triple A with is bat. He will be needed soon.
  4. Geraldo Perdomo- shortstop that is solid with the glove and progressing well with the bat. Has Lawlar ahead of him in pecking order.
  5. Blake Walston– left-handed pitcher that has had some setbacks but is top of the rotation ty
  6. Ryne Nelson– right-handed pitcher with mid 90’s fastball and several different change pitches.He throws strikes. Will get his day either late 2022 or early 2o23.
  7. Kristian Robinson- outfielder that had legal issues and missed 2021. His speed and power are special and plays well in Phoenix.
  8. Drey Jameson- righty hurler with great stuff. including 96 mph four seam fastball and on occasion a 100 mph slider. that is major league pitching.
  9. Deyvison De Los Santos- third baseman with big power bat and many swing and miss. His future is when he can figure that out.
  10. Brandon Pfaadt right-handed pitcher  that went through all levels of minors and showed the ability to strike batters out.

Colorado Rockies Top Prospects

  1. Zac Veen– a right fielder with five tools and an overload of power with above average speed. Arm is below average.Now when will they call him up?
  2. Benny Montgomery– plays center and is excellent on defense with  good speed. Needs to improve his batting average.
  3. Michael Toglia– plays first base with a power bat and a switch hitter. Plus defender. the Rockies won’t wait long to get him at Coors Field to hit.
  4. Ryan Rolison- a lefty pitcher that has had some tough medical breaks to get him behind. He will catch up make it to majors.
  5. Ezekiel Tovar– shortstop prospect has it all. Includes good hands, strong arm and good footwork on defense. At bat, he has solid approach and be a reason they let Trevor Story walk.
  6. Drew Romo– a catcher that can switch hit. They see him as their next receiver at Coors Field.
  7. Brenton Doyle– right fielder with plus power and strong arm along with a plus runner. gold glove winner in majors and projected to be as middle of the batting order at major league level. Likely pass Zac Veen on depth chart.
  8. Ryan Vilade plays left field. Once he fills out, the power is expected to follow. Adequate defender. Likely 2-3 years away or good trade candidate.
  9. Helchris Olivarez– left-hsnded pitcher and first on this list for Colorado. He can throw fastball 97-97 mph and the best breaking ball in Rockies organization. Majors is next.
  10. Chris McMahon– a righty hurler . Has mid 90’s fastball and has no more to prove in minors. Now he waits.

Los Angeles Dodgers Top Prospects

  1. Diego Cartaya- 6’3″ 219 lbs catcher that was phenom in Class A  ball last season. Once he gets through all levels he should be good to go into majors.
  2. Bobby Miller  a right-handed pitcher st 6’5″ and 220 lbs.he reached Double-A while fashioning a 2.40 ERA and .192 opponent average while striking out 70 in 56 1/3 innings.
  3. Miguel Vargas– plays infield and has great bat skills. Hr will start in Triple-A waiting for his time.
  4. Michael Bush– a second baseman- he was a top collegiate hitter and then carried that over to Double-A.
  5. Ryan Pepiot– right-handed pitcher that got beat around in Triple-A last year. Possesses a great change-up.
  6. Andy Pages– outfielder that is best power bat in minor league system. Another season in minors for him.
  7. Landon Knack– a righty pitcher with very good command and excellent stuff. did very well at the Arizona Fall
  8. Clayton Beeter– another right-handed pitcher- He need to build around his curveball. Command is his issue at his time.
  9. Kody Hoese– 6’4″ and 200 lbs. he plays third- the power potential hasn’t shown up yet. One or two years away.
  10. Eddys Leonard– plays infield and garnered 22 home runs in Single-A baseball. He will touch all the levels in 2022.

San Diego Padres Top Prospects

Top Prospects

Abrams- top prospect

  1. CJ. Abrams– a shortstop with blinding speed and a top hitting ability. He is projected to be an All-Star performer.
  2. Robert Hassell– outfielder who hit .323 in Low-A. His left-handed bat will likely see the majors in 2023.
  3. Luis Campusano– a catcher with solid defensive tendencies.Is only 5’11” but 232 lbs. If an opening exists, he may get some time in the big leagues this year.
  4. Mackenzie Gore He was once the top pitching prospect in all of baseball but he star has dulled bit. He is still an exceptional left-handed prospect.
  5. James Wood– a ‘7″ center fielder . He is improving his power stroke . He just finished rookie ball. Look for him in 2025.
  6. Jackson Merrill-a shortstop prospect that just finished Rookie League. He is on as projected 2025.
  7. Justin Lange is a right-handed pitching  top prospect that throws power slider and upper 90’s fastball. He must do better on his command.
  8. Robert Gasser– this is a great name for a lefty pitcher. He surrendered his scholarship to University of Houston. He will move quickly.
  9. Reiss Knehr- right handed pitcher that projects to start or relieve at the next level. If needed, he is ready in 2022.
  10. Eguy Rosario infielder that already is profiled as a utility guy. bat needs lots of help.

San Francisco Giants Top Prospects

  1. Marco Luciano– a shortstop prospect that made adjustments after first season in pro ball. He was the youngest player at Arizona Fall League. He probably will spend entire year in minors and gt 2023 call.
  2. Joey Barta catcher that will inherit the lineup spot of Buster Posey this season.
  3. Luis Matos- a smart outfielder with some of the finest bat skills around. He just waits for an opening.
  4. Heliot Ramos– an outfielder with real power. He will get plenty of at-bats this year in majors.
  5. Aeverson Arteaga– a shortstop that s a stellar defenseman. Has flashes of power bat. Needs several more minor league seasons before he is ready.
  6. Kyle Harrison– lefty hurler that fanned 157 in 98 innings in Low-a ball. Look for 2024 promotion.
  7. Jairo Pomares- outfielder who defected from Cuba that is a good hitter as left-hander. He and Matos (#3) will fight it out for promotion.
  8. Hunter Bishop– is an outfielder that is thought to be a premium defender but with shoulder issues and the pandemic, he hasn’t had a chance to show off.
  9. Will Bednar– He has four appearances on the big stage. He will step back and likely begin at High-A in 2022.
  10. Patrick Baileycatching prospect that struggled at High-A an finished in Low- A ball.


that’s it. All of the MLB teams. You can find lists all over the internet. This list is mine and I will stand by it. One note of caution for the readers is that I started this article before the major league lockout. One things got moving again some prospects were traded. I didn’t pull them out, they are still with their former team on my list. Why not print it off and have it handy!



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