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Topps Luminaries Baseball 2021 Series | A Closer Look

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Ready for new baseball cards? We’re proud to present you with a closer look at the all-new Topps Luminaries Baseball 2021 series. Let’s roll!

The 2021 Topps Luminaries Baseball Highlights set features many of the most desirable kinds and master cards. The premium level release features an autograph on every card and the hobby boxes have a lone card, which is numbers to 20 or less, so these are are some of the most demanded baseball cards in 2021.

Topps Luminaries Baseball 2021 | Checklist and Overview

Making their debut in 2017, the majority of the Luminaries cards are highlighted by three broad themes that collectors have come to notice. The home run kinds, hit kings, and masters of the mound series are all back again in Topps Luminaries Baseball 2021 series.

All three of the different series of cards feature player autographs and autograph relics that have directly on the card ink and print runs of the 15 different copies. The standard autograph parallels include red, blue, purple, and black. There are 10 red cards, five blue cards, three purple cards, and one black card.

Focusing on the design of the black card, collectors can expect a really sleek design that features a crisp finish with dark and bright colors mixed to create an eye-catching kind of design.

New York Yankees Hall of Fame closer Mariano Rivera’s card has his career opponent batting average of .211 printed in large black numbers across the bottom third of the card. At the top of the card, is Rivera’s signature in dark ink on a white and light gray finish. It’s truly a really sleek design that gives the cards a cool, unique finish that hasn’t really ever been done before.

In addition to the color parallels, there are the additional autograph patch cards, there are 15 of these cards. There is the one-of-one black and those are the only parallel for this specific card.

The hit kings and home run kings cards have a dual and triple autograph patch while the masters of the mound feature dual patches. What’s really cool about the home run kings cards is that they feature an image of the player during or after the home run with the exact number of home runs it was in their career.

Oe of the home run kings cards features Albert Pujols pointing to the sky as he touches home plate after his 428th career home run. Collectors know it is Pujols’ 428th career long ball because the digits are printed vertically on the left side of the card while the image of Pujols is on the right side of the card.

At the bottom, is his autograph in blue ink which lies over a foggy gray finish. The gray finish isn’t really specified to just the bottom of the card, really the entire card design has a finish on it that makes it appear hazy.

The design of the Trout card is very similar to that of Pujols’, but everything is flipped design-wise. Trout’s autograph is still printed at the bottom in blue ink, but the image of Trout is on the left side and the home run number is on the right side.

Everything in the product is available in small numbers, these multi-player cards are especially collectible because they are all one-of-ones.

Big Books

One of the things that have helped Luminaries stand out in previous couple of years is the massive book cards, and collectors will be rather pleased to hear that the books are back in 2021. The ultrabook cards are available for each of the three themes and they fold out to six panels and have a total of ten different signatures.

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