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Trevor Bauer: The Honey Badger of the MLB

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Trevor Bauer has been taking notes from Kansas City Chiefs’ defensive back Tyrann Mathieu…

The honey badger term became applicable in professional sports when Tyrann Mathieu was given the nickname when he played defensive back at LSU. Mathieu was given this nickname after an internet meme arose in January 2011.

A YouTuber created a viral video about how honey badgers do not give a sh**. Mathieu was given this nickname because of his ability to dominate bigger opponents and his issues that occurred off the field.

Honey badgers are known to adapt to various climates, and in the world of professional sports, they exist in multiple leagues. Baseball’s honey badger is new to Los Angeles in 2021, and his name is Trevor Bauer.

Trevor Bauer is the reigning Cy Young Award winner, and he does not give a sh** in the best way possible.

On the Field

Bauer is one of the most dominant starting pitchers in baseball. The pitcher was taken out of UCLA in the first round of the 2011 MLB Draft. He has spent nine years in the show and just won his first Cy Young Award in 2020.

Bauer threw 73 innings in 2020 in a season where he posted a 1.73 ERA with 100 strikeouts. Following the 2020 season, Bauer signed a three-year deal worth $102 million with the Dodgers.

Trevor Bauer strutting after a strikeout

Bauer has already made quite the arrival to the Los Angeles clubhouse during Spring Training. Bauer has gotten into a Twitter fight, he has garnered a uniform violation for the league, and he retired three Padres with his right eye closed.

Yes, you read that correctly. He pitched with his right eye closed. After the appearance he said,

“I figured if they can’t score off me with one eye open, it’s going to be difficult to score off me with two eyes open.”

If that does not sound like a honey badger, they must not exist in the MLB. Here are some additional reasons why Trevor Bauer is the honey badger of the MLB.

One Year Contracts

Trevor Bauer only signed one-year deals before Los Angeles because he did not want to get shot in the nuts with a paintball gun from ten feet away. He made this bet with his best friend in 2012.

Keep in mind that Trevor Bauer has never been drunk in his life. This deal was made totally sober. The best part about this bet is that he announced this to the public in an interview on Yahoo Sports MLB Podcast in 2018.

Following the news breaking, his agent Rachel Luba clarified that Bauer would be entertaining multi-year deals. He signed a one-year contract with the Reds a couple of years later following this interview in 2020 before heading to Los Angeles.

Will Trevor Bauer get shot in the nuts? Probably, because the honey badger does not give a sh**.

Throwing a Home Run

In July of 2019, Trevor Bauer started against the Royals in Kansas City. Bauer was pitching decently until the fifth inning when the Royals bats came alive. Bauer ended his day with seven earned runs on nine hits and four walks.

Terry Francona elected to pull the pitcher in the fifth inning, but Trevor Bauer left his mark before departing.

When a pitcher is pulled, the ball is usually handed to the manager and given to the reliever entering the game. Bauer decided to make the ball a souvenir, throwing it from the pitcher’s mound over the center field wall.

Bauer literally threw a ball over the fence in Kansas City. First off, this guy is a freak athlete. Second, this is a move that defines a honey badger because they do not give a sh**.

Dating Rules

Trevor Bauer has some amazing dating rules that are probably utilized by many big leaguers privately. However, Bauer publicly announced his dating rules to give ladies a heads up before reaching out to the Cy Young Award winner.

Bauer’s dating rules were published in a 2018 Sports Illustrated article by Ben Reiter profiling the pitcher.

“One: no feelings. As soon as I sense you’re developing feelings, I’m going to cut it off, because I’m not interested in a relationship and I’m emotionally unavailable. Two: no social media posts about me while we’re together, because private life stays private. Three: I sleep with other people. I’m going to continue to sleep with other people. If you’re not O.K. with that, we won’t sleep together, and that’s perfectly fine. We can just be perfectly polite platonic friends.”

Trevor Bauer is the honey badger. There is no other way to describe him.

Final Thoughts

If you do not like Trevor Bauer, I do not like you because this man is awesome. He is a player that makes baseball fun to watch and follow. We need more Trevor Bauer’s in our game today to MAKE BASEBALL FUN AGAIN!

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