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Weekly MLB Power Rankings: 1-10

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The trade deadline is getting closer, as teams figure out if they have the potential to win right now. Any moves should have an impact our MLB Power Rankings.

The trade deadline is closer than some may think as teams across the MLB figure out if they have the potential to win right now or if it’s best to start thinking about the future. Any moves made around the league should have an impact on the standings as well as my MLB Power Rankings going forward.

Returning from the All-Star break just over a week ago, we have gained a little bit of insight as to what teams may make a final push in the second half of the season. Can the New York Yankees claw to the top of the AL East? Will the Philadelphia Phillies make things interesting in the NL East?

This week we explore the MLB’s hottest teams and those that have a legit chance at capturing the World Series title, as well as teams that appear to be a fraud.

On the bubble: Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Mariners, Oakland A’s
Teams bumped out: Oakland A’s
Noteworthy streaks: Detroit Tigers have won 6 games in a row

Numbers 10-6

10. New York Yankees (50-44, .532%) Previous Ranking: N/A

This has to be the first time since June that the New York Yankees make our weekly power rankings. Welcome to the club Yankees, it’s an absolute honor to have you. This is a Yankees roster many are not used to seeing, but how can you complain about series wins over the Red Sox and Phillies since returning from the break? The issue still appears to be coming from the bullpen so let’s see if the Yankees make any blockbuster-type moves this coming trade deadline.

Legit or Fraud: Fraud, but could be LEGIT

9. New York Mets (50-43, .538%) Previous Ranking: 8

Sitting atop the NL East by 3.5 games, the New York Mets have recently shown flashes of what they’re capable of. Known for relatively low-scoring contests, the Mets have put up seven runs or more in their last five games. A more mature Mets organization is allowing deGrom to regain his strength. This ball club is headed in the right direction, and I’m excited to see what they have in store for fans watching around the world.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

8. Milwaukee Brewers (56-41, .577%) Previous Ranking: 5

The Milwaukee Brewers have been on both ends of a sweep since returning from the All-Star break. Delivering a three-game series sweep to the Reds in Cincinnati seemed like it would be huge for the Brewers to get back on pace in winning the NL Central. However, they followed it up with a two-game series loss to the last place Royals in Milwaukee. Facing the White Sox at home this weekend, the Brewers face a huge test and can help answer a lot of questions surrounding how legit of a team they really are.

Legit or Fraud: Fraud

7. San Diego Padres (56-42, .571%) Previous Ranking: 6

The first game back from the All-Star break was something magical for the San Diego Padres as they marched into Washington D.C. on a mission embarrassing the Nationals with a final score of 24-8. Not only that, but they were able to follow it up with another double-digit run total in a 10-4 win. This is a great sight so see if you’re a Padres fan with all the times of a struggling offense. Obviously, their starting rotation isn’t something to mess with, and if they can find a way to consistently have the bats going, then they’re going to be a scary team to line up against come playoff time.

Legit or Fraud: LEGIT

6. Tampa Bay Rays (57-39, .594%) Previous Ranking: 7

Perhaps, the most quiet successful team in all of baseball trails the Boston Red Sox by just one game in the AL East. How are they doing it with all the injuries, including top pitcher Tyler Glasnow sitting out for an extended period of time? It’s the combined effort coming out of the dugout each inning. No player in the Tampa Bay Rays’ lineup is hitting above .300. Two names have been able to carry a large weight, with Arozarena and Meadows leading off each game. Let’s see if they have what it takes to lead the Rays to the promised land.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

Numbers 5-1

5. Boston Red Sox (58-38, .604%) Previous Ranking: 1

The Boston Red Sox returned from the All-Star break doing what they’ve done the entire season: outplay the Yankees. Handling the first game of the series with ease, the Red Sox found themselves struggling to two straight losses in the Bronx before dominating the Blue Jays on back-to-back nights. With the starting rotation challenged with matching their early-season intensity, the return of Chris Sale has never been so desirable. The bats in Boston haven’t been the issue, and I don’t anticipate them causing any problems anytime soon.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

4. Chicago White Sox (58-38, .604%) Previous Ranking: 9

MLB fans, including myself, throw hate in the Chicago White Sox direction because they play in the AL Central, the easiest division in baseball. Nevertheless, no matter your opinion, they’ve been able to handle the below-average teams and compete against the top-of-the-line rosters. Following a sweep of the struggling Orioles, the White Sox took two games against the Astros in dominant fashion, winning 10-1 and 4-0, with the Astros getting four total hits across two games. With their starting rotation shining, looking at relief pitching this trade deadline will prove crucial for their future.

Legit or Fraud: Fraud, but has the potential to be legit

3. Houston Astros (58-39, .598%) Previous Ranking: 3

Known for having a rollercoaster of a season, the Houston Astros ride continues to embark on a wild journey. Since returning from the All-Star break, the Astros are playing .500 baseball losing a three-game series to the White Sox in Chicago before winning two games out of a three-game series back home vs the Indians. Rumor has it the Astros could reel in Starling Marte from the Marlins to fill in the shoes George Springer left in Houston.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (59-38, .608%) Previous Ranking: 2

The defending champions Los Angeles Dodgers have the highest run differential in the MLB by miles at +149. That number wouldn’t seem as impressive if three top players in Betts, Bellingers, and Seager performed to their full potential. That’s just how deep and strong the Dodgers bench is. Did you even notice that Bauer, Kershaw, and May have all been sidelined with injuries or off-field distractions? Yet, they are still winning games and just two games back of the league-leading Giants.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

1. San Francisco Giants (60-35, .632%) Previous Ranking: 4

At this point in the season, there shouldn’t be any more debate as to who the best team in baseball is. The San Francisco Giants not only have the best record but boast a +123 run differential showing how dominant they have been on both sides of the diamond. Recently the Giants have taken two wins in Los Angeles, with the fourth game scheduled for this evening. Let’s see if they can keep their foot on the gas pedal for the second half of the season.

Legit or Fraud: Legit


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