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Weekly MLB Power Rankings: 1-10

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riday, we try to figure out which teams are legit as well as teams that appear to be fraud. Let’s jump into this week’s MLB Power Rankings and see who’s on top of the kingdom.

The 2021 MLB trade deadline is right around the corner. Teams will have until 4 p.m. Friday to put the finishing touches on their starting lineups for a final postseason push. Many baseball clubs will face the tough decision of whether they are in it to win this season, or selling for the future.

The biggest names expected to be dealt prior to the trade deadline are Nationals ace Max Scherzer, Rockies shortstop Trevor Story, Rangers power hitter Joey Gallo, and several key aspects of the Cubs lineup in Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant.

As we inch closer and closer to the set time of 4 p.m. Friday, we try to figure out which teams are legit as well as teams that appear to be fraud. Let’s jump into this week’s MLB Power Rankings and see who’s on top of the kingdom.

On the bubble: A’s, Yankees

Teams bumped out: New York Yankees

Noteworthy streaks: Oakland A’s have lost 4 in a row

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 MLB Power Rankings Numbers 10-6

10. Seattle Mariners (55-47, .539%) Previous Ranking: N/A

The Mariners are 24-12 since June 12, the second-best record in baseball during that span. Just 1 game back of an AL Wild Card spot, the Mariners have shown what they’re capable of in dominating the A’s and maintaining pace with the Astros. If the Mariners are serious about becoming a serious contender this season, they may want to look at boosting their starting pitching rotation.

Legit or Fraud: Currently fraud, has potential to be legit

9. New York Mets (53-46, .535%) Previous Ranking: 9

The Mets currently hold a 3.5 game lead over the Phillies in the NL East after producing a couple of series wins against the Reds and Blue Jays. Already landing Rich Hill this trade deadline makes it clear the Mets are looking to capitalize this season. Potentially acquiring another big name will make the Mets a force to be reckoned with come playoff time. 

Legit or Fraud: Legit

8. San Diego Padres (59-44, 573%) Previous Ranking: 7

Another team that established themselves as a contender this season this past week were the Padres as they acquired the league leader in hits Adam Frazier from the Pirates. Already with a stacked lineup, the Padres don’t have any weak spots holding a bat. Adding another setup reliever before Friday could make the Padres a strong contender coming out of the National League.

Legit or Fraud: LEGIT

7. Chicago White Sox (60-41, .594%) Previous Ranking: 4

There are two things that you need to know about the Chicago White Sox. First, they have been injured. With Eloy Jimenez back in action and Luis Robert making a comeback, their lineup will see some immediate improvements. Second, they compete in the worst division throughout the league. They have a 21-28 record against teams that are above .500, and just lost two of three to the Brewers.

Legit or Fraud: Fraud

6.Milwaukee Brewers (59-42, .584%) Previous Ranking: 8

The Brewers were defeated by the Royals twice in a two-game series, but followed it up putting on a dominant display at home outscoring the White Sox 14-5 in their series win. Now, they face the Pirates nine times out of their next 19 games. Winning the first game 9-0 is a good start as they look to take complete control of the NL Central. Adding another bat at the deadline can only serve to benefit the Brewers for the remainder of the season.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

 MLB Power Rankings Numbers 5-1

5.Tampa Bay Rays (60-41, .594%) Previous Ranking: 6

It doesn’t take an expert in recognizing the Rays established themselves as a contender this season in acquiring Twins slugger Nelson Cruz while also dealing veteran pitcher Rich Hill to the Mets. After dominating the Indians to take three games out of a four-game series, the Rays face their toughest tests of the season with the Yankees and Red Sox visiting Tampa Bay. Just two games behind the Red Sox, the Rays have the potential to jump to the top of the leaderboard.

Legit or Fraud: LEGIT

4. Los Angeles Dodgers (61-41, .598%) Previous Ranking: 2

The Dodgers have hit a few bumps in the road following their hot start to the 2021 season. Drama in the clubhouse surrounding ace Trevor Bauer may be a key contributing factor. The Dodgers have an 8-9 record since July 4, and didn’t help their cause when losing three of four to the Giants at home. This trade deadline, the Dodgers can save their season by adding another ace to their starting rotation. Will Max Scherzer be wearing a Dodgers uniform sometime next week?

Legit or Fraud: Legit

3. Boston Red Sox (62-39, .614%) Previous Ranking: 5

You can start referring to the Red Sox as the ‘comeback kings’ as they put a real dent in the Yankees’ hopes of making it a race in the AL East. Winning three games in a four-game series in dramatic fashion has been the story of their season. Guess what? They’re about to get much scarier with Chris Sale on the brink of returning to the mound.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

2. Houston Astros (62-40, .608%) Previous Ranking: 3

Arguably, the most consistent team in baseball this season has been the Houston Astros. After beating the Indians twice in a three-game series, they followed it up with a dominant sweep over their neighbor the Texas Rangers. Heading to San Francisco to face the Giants this weekend, who knows maybe we’re getting a World Series preview? Acquiring a center fielder prior to the trade deadline can only serve to help this Astros lineup.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

1. San Francisco Giants (63-37, .630%) Previous Ranking: 1

Does it still surprise you seeing the Giants lead the NL West and possess the best overall record in baseball? If it does, it shouldn’t anymore. The Giants were able to take three games in a four-game series against the Dodgers in Los Angeles. The Giants are a strong contender in capturing the World Series this season. Perhaps, a move at the deadline will play a key factor in boosting their odds.

Legit or Fraud: Legit 

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