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Weekly MLB Power Rankings: 1-10 (30th June 2021)

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Hello and welcome to another set of weekly MLB Power Rankings. This week, the Los Angeles Dodgers are topping the list, but some of the entires ought to shock you.

We are just a couple of weeks away from the first half of the MLB season being completed. Teams look to make a final push entering All-Star weekend and climb the standings. For the third week in a row, we have a new team possessing the #1 spot in our weekly MLB power rankings.

The NL West continues to be the most electrifying division in all of baseball while the AL Central heads down the complete opposite path. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at some of the hottest teams in the league right now and how legit of a contender they truly are.

On the bubble: Mets, Nationals, Indians

Weekly MLB Power Rankings

10. Oakland Athletics (47-34, .580%) Previous Ranking: 6

Splitting a four-game series with the struggling Rangers and following it up with a three-game series loss to the Giants was enough of a reason for the A’s to fall to our #10 team for the week. Somehow the A’s have positioned themselves just 1.5 games back of the Astros so if there was ever a time to reverse the tide, that time would be now. Playing host to the Red Sox this upcoming weekend and traveling to Houston next week, the A’s have their two toughest challenges coming up on the All-Star break.

Legit or Fraud: Fraud

9. Toronto Blue Jays (41-36, .532%) Previous Ranking: N/A

Buckle your seats, George Springer is back and the Toronto Blue Jays have officially entered the race for first place in the AL East. Winning eight of their last 10 games has moved them into third place in the division and just 6.5 games back of the Red Sox. With Semien, Guerrero Jr., Hernandez all exceeding expectations, Springer may just be the key addition to the Blue Jays lineup that makes all the difference.

Legit or Fraud: Fraud (Simply because they lack depth in the bullpen)

8. Chicago White Sox (46-32, .590%) Previous Ranking: 5

It seems almost every day the White Sox get less and less scary as they branch out and play teams not included in the AL Central division. Being dealt a four-game series sweep by the Astros and following it up with a split series against the Pirates and a three-game series loss against the Mariners makes the White Sox a team of the past. Success early in the season has the White Sox leading their division, but who knows how long they can possess that with the Indians inching forward?

Legit or Fraud: FRAUD

7. Tampa Bay Rays (47-33, .588%) Previous Ranking: 8

After getting hit hard with injuries and going through a 1-6 slump, the Rays bounced back as they tend to do and beat both the Red Sox and Angels in three-game series. 20-year-old Wander Franco alerted the rest of the league as to what he’s capable of going 2-4 in his debut with a game-tying home run. While the future looks bright for the young star, the Rays focus on the task laying directly in front of them: win the AL East.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

6. Milwaukee Brewers (47-33, .588%) Previous Ranking: N/A

The Brewers have currently won nine of their last 10 contests and have surged to carrying a five-game lead over the Cubs in the NL Central division. Certainly, they have their pitching staff to thank for their success as of late, but can you imagine the type of team they’d be with a solid version of Christian Yelich? The former MVP winner is batting just .255 with five home runs and 23 RBI’s. As good as the Brewers pitching staff has been to this point, they lack depth on the offensive side of the game, and it will cost them come playoff time.

Legit or Fraud: Fraud

5. Boston Red Sox (49-31, .613%) Previous Ranking: 7

The Red Sox are coming off a sweep of longtime division rival Yankees and looking to keep things rolling at home with the disappointing Royals in town. A team dominant on the offensive side of the field may begin to look even scarier if Hunter Renfroe can produce like he did just a couple of nights ago launching two home runs. Surprisingly, the story of the past weekend was Red Sox pitching as they allowed the Yankees to just a total of seven runs throughout the three-game series.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

4. San Diego Padres (48-33, .593%) Previous Ranking: 4

It’s not too often that for the second week in a row we have three teams from the same division make their way into the top 5 MLB teams. The way the Padres have been playing recently made that a situation impossible to avoid. The Padres have now won 10 of their last 11 games including a three-game sweep of the Dodgers.

Legit or Fraud: LEGIT

3. Houston Astros (48-32, .600%) Previous Ranking: 1

Tying the Tigers in a four-game series and falling to the Orioles in the first two games of a three-game series is enough of a reason for the Astros to fall to the #3 spot this week.
A team built around offense has been able to put a tremendous display of starting pitching night after night. Luis Garcia, Jose Urquidy, Lance McCullers Jr., and Framber Valdez are the four reasons the Astros comfortably sit atop the AL West standings.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

2. San Francisco Giants (50-29, .633%) Previous Ranking: 2

While the Giants lost two straight to their longtime division rival, they still maintain an above .500 winning percentage in their last 10 games, something they’ve consistently done throughout the season. Before falling to the Dodgers, the Giants captured two wins in a three-game series versus the rolling A’s. Teams better start worrying about the Giants because although not stacked on paper, they compete in every single game.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (49-31, .613%) Previous Rank: 3

The Dodgers have finally tightened the gap between them and the Giants to 1.5 games after defeating the 1st place team twice in a two-game series. This comes just after the Dodgers took three out of four at home against a respectable Cubs roster. Winning five in a row and looking as healthy as they have looked all year makes the Dodgers the number one team to beat around the league.

Legit or Fraud: LEGIT

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