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What Will October Baseball Look Like

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The MLB playoff races are heating up. After one of the wildest seasons in baseball, these are the 12 teams John believes will make the playoffs this season.

The MLB season is wrapping up, as the playoffs approach. There are still plenty of teams that are in the hunt for a division or wildcard title. These are the teams that will make the playoffs and play deep into October when the season ends.

AL Division Winners

In the AL East, the New York Yankees will come out of the division as the victors. It hasn’t always been this close, as the Yankees once had a 15.5-game lead in the division, and if they do blow the lead, it will be the largest blown lead in MLB history. However, the Yankees are too talented and have the AL MVP in Aaron Judge to carry them into October.

The AL Central will be a fight between the Cleveland Guardians, Minnesota Twins, and Chicago White Sox. There are just two games that separate the three teams from each other. Neither of the losing teams will likely make the wildcard, so winning the division is crucial. Due to the Twins hitting and pitching consistency, they will just make it out of the division.

The Houston Astros are not only coming out of the AL West, but they are the best team in the AL. After months of dominance in the AL by the Yankees, the Astros have proved to be the most complete team. If there is a favorite to make it to the world series in the AL, it should be Houston.

AL Wildcard

Despite the Tampa Bay Ray’s recent struggles against the Yankees, they are certainly still the best team fighting for a wildcard spot. They have hurt their chances of winning the division by getting swept by the Yankees, but they are one of the most talented rosters in all of baseball and will be just fine.

The Mariners have the unfortunate position of being in the same division as the Astros but are a great team that will make the wildcard. Seattle also has an extremely easy schedule until the end, playing the likes of the Los Angeles Angles, Oakland Athletics, Texas Rangers, and Detroit Tigers.

The Toronto Blue Jays are as hot as any team in the MLB right now. The AL East is displaying they are arguably the best division in all of baseball. With the likes of Alek Manoah, Vald Guerrero Jr, Bo Bichette, and Alejandro Kirk on the team, they will absolutely be playing deep into October.

NL Division Winners

The NL East should not be as close as it, but the New York Mets have collapsed, and the Atlanta Braves are right on their heels. They are two evenly matched teams, but logic would dictate that the Mets figure it out as they have done all this season and just finish above the Braves. However, it will come down to which pitching rotation looks the best in the next month.

The NL Central will see the St. Louis Cardinals win the division as they have a strong lead ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers and still have an extremely easy schedule. They have been inconsistent this season, but they have found their groove at the right time.

The NL West is and will remain in control by the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers have a 19-game lead on the second-place San Diego Padres and are undoubtedly the best team in baseball currently. The Dodgers are the favorite to represent the NL in the world series, and from their season so far, should win it all.

NL Wildcard

The Atlanta Braves are a playoff team, no matter if they win the division or are a wildcard team. No matter what, the Braves have one of the best rotations in baseball and will be playing in October.

The Padres made as big of a splash as a team can do by trading for Juan Soto of the Washington Nationals. Now with Soto, Manny Machado, Yu Darvish, and Joe Musgrave, they have the roster to make the playoffs. No Fernando Tatis Jr will hurt them for the playoffs, but they will make it without him still.

There is no team in the wildcard race more up and down than the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies will be battling until the final days, but they do have enough to make the playoffs, but need to find consistency.

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