It is looking likely that Los Angeles Angels outfielder/pitcher Shohei Ohtani is not going to resign with the Angels after the 2023 season. If the Angels and Ohtani come to a crossroads, with no contract resolution by the trade deadline, the Angels are going to have to trade their star player to recoup some kind of value.

Ohtani was the runner-up for the 2022 MLB AL MVP, behind New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge, and nearly every team in baseball will be calling for his services. However, these are the teams that need to go all out to acquire the Japanese star.

New York Yankees

Off the bat the New York Yankees have to be one of the most attractive destinations for Ohtani. The Yankees are the biggest team in baseball, and his name value would skyrocket to places that he cannot even imagine. Ohtani would likely become the face of baseball by going to the Yankees, and be paired with the other face of baseball, Aaron Judge.

The Yankees are going to be desperate to come up with a final piece for their World Series championship, that has alluded them for decades. The Yankees have shown throughout their history that they will be ruthless in their pursuit of superstars, and they need to be just as ruthless as they’ve ever been to acquire Ohtani.

New York Mets

Just as Ohtani would be a massive name for the New York Yankees, he could choose to join the other side of New York and create the most intense Subway Series rivalry in decades. Ohtani was said to be upset with being snubbed for the AL MVP, if awards are what he desires, he could go to the NL team that has spent the most money this offseason, and join an already stacked Mets team.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Ohtani would not have to travel far if he decides that he wants to go to the other end of California. The Dodgers are one team that many are speculating that will be heavily involved in the pursuit of Shohei, whether that will be through a trade in the 2023 season, or pursuing him in the 2024 off season. Either way, Ohtani is the perfect player for the Dodgers to pursue, to get them back to where they were in 2020, coming off of a World Series win.

San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants were involved in the pursuit of Aaron Judge this offseason. It looked as though the Giants had a real shot at landing Judge, before he chose the Yankees. The Giants can go back to the well of pursuing the best players in the league and attempt to acquire the two way star, who is arguably just as good as Judge. With the Giants also losing star pitcher Carlos Rodon to the Yankees this offseason, the Giants may need Ohtani’s arm more than any other team on this list.