For fans of Major League Baseball across North America and worldwide, there’s just one question on their minds now: who’s going to take the top spot this year when the World Series takes place? Yet, there’s still no simple answer to this question. Some predict that the LA Dodgers might do it, for example, while others think that the Houston Astros are in with a chance.

Suppose you’re planning a wager or two. This blog post can’t give you all the answers. Still, it can certainly aggregate some of the insights that pundits and other observers have shared to indicate who might win. In that case, meanwhile, this article will hopefully help you decide before you plunge into betting on the game.

LA Dodgers

Those who have been keeping a close eye on what sportsbooks like BetMGM states that LA Dodgers are in with a strong chance. As of the start of January of this year, at least, they were right at the top of the odds list with suggested odds of +500 – and while that certainly doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to swoop in and take the top spot, it does mean they’re more likely to than others.

And it’s easy to see why: they’ve had some fantastic moments in the spotlight this year, including almost their best number of wins – scoring just over 100 wins out of all 160 or so that they’ve played. They were also pipped to the post last year despite being one of the odds-on favorites to win, so there’ll also be a lot of momentum behind them as they find themselves trying their very hardest to take the title home this year.

Houston Astros

While some pundits might have you think otherwise, it’s not all about the Dodgers. The performance of the Houston Astros should also be kept under serious consideration – not least because they too just lost out last year, a bit like their counterparts in Los Angeles.

Like the Dodgers, the statistics are on their side. This time, it’s in the field of runs: they managed to secure the highest number of runs of any Major League Baseball team this year. But the odds markets appear to be putting them a bit further down the pecking order when it comes to their chances. Instead of the tight, desirable odds of +500, they’re instead looking at the prospect of +800.

Chicago White Sox

By now, we’re getting further and further down the list of teams when their current odds rank them. But that doesn’t mean that teams with four-figure odds aren’t in with a chance. The Chicago White Sox, for example, are perennial names in the “Who will win at the MLB?” debate – and this is true this year, too, with their numbers ranked at +1200.

Again, it’s not much of a surprise. They didn’t exactly top the list of teams when ranked by several wins, and they were – unlike the Dodgers – unable to surpass 100. But with players like Yoan Moncada and Aaron Bummer on side, it’s far from out of the question that they’ll go on to surge home to a position in the playoffs or even the final.

San Francisco Giants

By this stage, we’re really getting into the world of wild cards. In many ways, it’s somewhat unrealistic to think that the San Francisco Giants are likely to win – but it’s also a useful exercise to think about their chances, as it illustrates the likelihoods for the rest of the teams. Currently, the Giants are languishing way down the odds list, with odds of around +1600 expected.

Their number of wins this season is paltry compared to their neighbors, the Dodgers further south in California. However, they have some strong suits that other teams in the league can only dream of. One of these, for example, is their defense – which is currently the second-best in the entire season.

 In short, there are still no guarantees about who’s going to take home the trophy when it comes to Major League Baseball betting this year. For example, it could be the LA Dodgers, while the Houston Astros are also in with a chance. One thing’s for sure: nothing is guaranteed in this game – and you need to choose for yourself who you think might win.