The last time the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers faced off in the World Series, the Astros were still liked by the majority of fans and the world was unaware of any form of cheating. The 2017 World Series came down to the wire, but ultimately ended with an Astros victory. However, as we know now, that championship may not have been legitimate given the Astros cheating scandal.

Since then, the Astros made the Fall Classic in 2019 but lost to the Nationals, and the Dodgers won it all in 2020. So while the two teams have faced each other a few times during the regular season since their World Series face off, they have not met on the big stage since 2017.

So besides the obvious reasons, why would MLB want an Astros vs Dodgers World Series?

The Giants and Dodgers Series Took Some Wind Out of the Sails

The exciting Dodgers and Giants division series almost felt similar to a World Series matchup. The broadcasts attracted many viewers, and had plenty of mainstream sports media talking about baseball. However, following the Dodgers victory the momentum of the MLB playoffs felt a bit in question.

The Dodgers and Braves are a fine matchup, as are the Astros and Red Sox. But neither feature a historic rivalry or incredibly intense drama. But having Los Angeles and Houston meet in the Fall Classic would certainly boost ratings and attract the general interest of the public.

Bad Blood

If we are being completely honest, the Astros got off rather easy following their scandal. The season after they were caught cheating, Houston had the fortune of playing in a shortened season with literally zero fans in attendance. No booing, no taunting, or anything of that nature.

Since fans have returned, the Astros have dealt with some of that, but for the most part the anger towards them has died down. But if the Astros and Dodgers were to meet in the World Series, the home games in LA would be intense. The Dodger faithful would let the Astros players know how they feel about them.

50,000 fans booing you as loudly as they can is quite the punishment.

What are the Odds of Both Teams Advancing?

Both teams are favored in their respective series. The Astros’ overpowering offense and the Dodgers well-balanced roster will look to carry them to the Fall Classic. Atlanta and Boston will present both teams with a difficult opponent, but I would not be surprised to see a World Series featuring both of these teams.

The Dodgers and Astros meeting in the World Series would be quite the treat for fans as well.

So yes, it would be beneficial for Major League Baseball to have this matchup come to fruition. It would be a dream from a financial perspective, as well as a popularity boost for the sport as well.