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Win Total Projections 2021

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Here are the win total projections from Tom. These win totals are not necessarily the views of other writers at Baseball Spotlight. Of course, we all know there are many variables throughout a long season.

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Win Totals for AL East

  • Yankees   95-67
  • Blue Jays  88-74
  • Red Sox    85-77
  • Rays           84-78
  • Orioles       69-93

Win Totals for AL Central

  • White Sox    89-73
  • Twins           86-76
  • Indians         81-81
  • Royals           77-85
  • Tigers            76-86

Win Totals for AL West

  • Astros            86-76
  • Angels            84-78
  • Athletics        83-79
  • Mariners        73-89
  • Rangers           70-97

I am sure some are already saying , :what”?   Let’s move on to the National League

Win Totals for NL East

  • Mets       90-72
  • Braves    89-73
  • Nationals 83-79
  • Phillies      82-80
  • Marlins    74-88

Win Totals for NL Central

  • Cardinals        84-78
  • Reds                82-80
  • Brewers            80-84
  • Cubs                  79-83
  • Pirates             70-92

Win Totals for NL West

  • Dodgers      97-65
  • Padres          95-67
  • Giants           76-86
  • DBacks         83-79
  • Rockies         69-93


I am assured there are some that don’t like my projections for win totals for their team. T hat is what fans do. They argue for the team they like. Feel free to leave a nice comment below if you want to express your thoughts.


About the author– Tom Knuppel has been writing about baseball and sports for a few decades. As an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan he began with the blog CardinalsGM. Tom is a member of the United Cardinals Bloggers and the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. He also maintains the History of Cardinals website. More recently he has been busy at KnupSolutions and the primary writer of many sports at KnupSports and adds content at Sports 2.0. Tom is a retired High School English and Speech teacher and has completed over one hundred sportsbook reviews. He also can be followed on Twitter at tknup.

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